April 2007
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Announcing Bob Heile, Chairman, ZigBee Alliance, to Keynote Wireless China

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7th Annual Wireless China Industry Summit

September 5-6, 2007 - Landmark Towers & Hotel, Beijing, PRC
Keynote Presentation by Bob Heile, Chairman of the ZigBee Alliance

Wireless China - In an ever-increasing mobile and interconnected world, devices with built-in mobility stand to do better than those without. Not surprisingly, more and more consumer, office and industrial products are starting to incorporate wireless for connectivity, control or cable replacement.

On the technology front, there is a range of options to choose from UWB, ZigBee, Bluetooth, WiMedia, WUSB, NFC and RFID. What are the considerations for their selection? How can you design your product for wireless and make the integration successful? What technical issues will you face in deploying them? Which vendors should you partner with for these wireless technologies? Is the market outlook for wireless products in the coming years promising? Has there been new developments that you need to know about next generation wireless networks, smart antennas, wireless test & measurement technologies, short-range standards, interoperability and reconfigurable radios?

Take part in knowledge-sharing sessions, interactive dialogue, case studies and more. Come away with insight, practical information and technical advice from pioneers with firsthand experience on implementing short-range wireless. Network with peers and see the latest solutions on hand in an accompanying exhibition.

Learn More About Wireless China Industry Summit visit http://www.wirelesschina-beijing.com/


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