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May 22-24, 2007 Donald E Stephens Convention Center Rosemont, IL

The ZigBee Expo is focused on presenting products, applications and solutions based on ZigBee.

As an expo and conference, the event will detail how ZigBee is being used in Commercial Buildings, Residential and Energy Management, and how system vendors and end-users can leverage the standards based solution for wireless control and monitoring.

Introducing ZigBee Expo
In the evolution of wireless technologies for control and monitoring applications, ZigBee stands alone in leading the charge in creating a standard for wireless mesh networking.

One of the rapidly developing applications of ZigBee is in the growing complexities of today's commercial facilities. System vendors are starting to deploy ZigBee solutions, and with the current concerns for energy, the role of wireless is starting to be explored with significant success.

ZigBee is becoming one of the most promising technologies in energy management and peak avoidance (Demand Response) strategies in buildings and residential applications.

Endorsed by the ZigBee Alliance
“Wireless building automation and energy offers numerous cost savings opportunities while increasing comfort and safety, and ZigBee Expo offers everyone a great opportunity to learn.” Bob Heile, Chair of the ZigBee Alliance.

Conference Agenda...
ZigBee: The Path to Applications
ZigBee in Commercial Buildings
ZigBee in Energy
ZigBee in Residential Applications
Adoption Strategies of ZigBee

Also, Co-Located Connectivity Week Agenda
Cisco Connected Roundtable
Roadmap to Buildings 2.0
Demand Response Roundtable
GridWise: Towards a Smart Electric Grid
Event Designed For...
Systems Integrators & Installers
Building Systems Professionals
Energy Management Professionals
Electric Utility
Building Architects and Design Engineers
OEM Equipment & System Vendors.

What is ZigBee Expo?
Endorsed by the ZigBee Alliance, ZigBee Expo focuses on cost-effective, low-power, wirelessly networked, monitoring and control products and solutions used in homes, commercial buildings and industrials plants around the world. Members of the ZigBee Alliance will run a conference track during ConnectivityWeek covering the technology and its application in commercial and residential buildings as well as energy management.

Find out more at www.ZigBeeExpo.com


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