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ASHRAE’s Energy Modeling Conference: Hands-on, Market-Based, Practitioner-Driven

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ATLANTA – ASHRAE’s Energy Modeling Conference, Oct. 1-3, 2012, Atlanta, Ga., seeks to advance the practitioner’s ability to more accurately model and simulate a building's energy use through some 40 presentations, keynote speeches, networking and a modeling tools software developer session.

The conference addresses a variety of programs and applications, such as daylighting, variable refrigerant flow, thermal bridging, labyrinth ventilation systems, ground source heat pumps, dedicated outdoor air systems and hybrid systems.

“The ASHRAE Energy Modeling Conference: Tools for Designing High Performance Buildings, addresses the most pressing issues facing modelers and those responsible for modeling in their companies,” Dennis Knight, chair of the conference, said.  “Attendees at this, the second ASHRAE Energy Modeling Conference, will benefit by networking with other modelers and software developers and by the numerous hands-on modeling presentations, including case studies, updates on ASHRAE standards and codes, and current tools available in the marketplace, their applications and workarounds.”

Conference highlights include:
•    Calibrating existing building energy models -- using a procedure to represent existing building energy use accurately and reliably -- and a case study on retrofits.
•    Lessons Learned from Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEEDŽ) projects, featuring the top 10 mistakes that modelers make.
•    A large building session that shows how an extensive model was developed and includes techniques for editing the resultantly large data sets.
•    A session that presents tools and techniques for contemporary systems, such as ground source heat pumps (GSHP) and variable refrigerant flow (VRF), which help to develop system components, performance curves and operating characteristic libraries for use in the common whole building simulation tools.
•    ASHRAE standards and guidelines that are setting benchmarks for the industry.
•    How cloud computing provides access to greater computing power, with examples of how this is improving project sustainability through more extensive modeling.
•    Case studies that examine long term implications of building fabric modifications, air distribution strategies and performance standards on the extended use, cost and energy use of environmental systems.
•    Life cycle cost analysis of energy conservation measures and the comparison of modeled to actual performance for whole buildings, existing buildings and hybrid HVAC systems.
•    An exploration of the effective use of building information modeling (BIM).

Control Solutions, Inc The conference features two keynote addresses: “Energy Modeling in the Design Process: From Life Cycle Costing to the AIA Energy Modeling Guide” presented by Daniel Nall, WSP Flack + Kurtz, New York, N.Y., and “Will BIM and Building Energy Modeling Evolve to Meet the Demand?” by John Kennedy, Autodesk, Santa Rosa, Calif.

Also, the conference features a “Market-Reality Session -- Modeling Tools: What Works, What Doesn't and Workarounds.”  Modeling software developers are presented with common modeling scenarios on how their specific software can model a scenario, or in some cases, how they do not, and what workarounds are available.  Participating companies to date include Carrier, IES, Sefaira and Trane.

The conference will take place at the Atlanta Marriott Buckhead.  Early bird conference registration is $540 ($490, ASHRAE members) through Aug. 31.  For more information or to register, go to

Prior to the conference, ASHRAE is presenting an ASHRAE Learning Institute course titled “Using Standard 90.1 to Meet LEED Requirements,” Sept. 30, 1-4 p.m.  Following the conference, ASHRAE’s Building Energy Modeling Professional Certification (BEMP) exam will be administered, Oct. 3, 1:30 p.m.  Separate registrations are required for both. 

ASHRAE, founded in 1894, is a building technology society with more than 50,000 members worldwide. The Society and its members focus on building systems, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, refrigeration and sustainability within the industry. Through research, standards writing, publishing and continuing education, ASHRAE shapes tomorrow’s built environment today.

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