January 2010
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AHR Expo 2010EcoView™ Commercial and Residential Smart Energy Management Systems to Be Showcased to HVAC&R Distributors at this Month's AHR Expo - Booth #5046

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Control Solutions, Inc

Advanced Telemetry to demonstrate its industry leading EcoView solution at AHR Expo Booth #5046 to promote HVAC&R distributor interest in energy efficiency technologies and convey how distributors can better meet massive marketplace demand for cost-effective energy management systems while boosting their own bottom lines

SAN DIEGO, CA, January 12, 2010 – Advanced Telemetry (www.AdvancedTelemetry.com), developer of the EcoViewTM smart energy management system, today announced it will be introducing its EcoView Commercial and EcoView Residential energy and resource efficiency solutions to HVAC&R distributors at the AHR Expo to be held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida January 25-27, 2010. Advanced Telemetry will be exhibiting and demonstrating EcoView at booth number 5046, with multiple company executives scheduled to be on-site throughout the event.

Demand for EcoView Commercial has surged along with the number of HVAC&R companies distributing the technology since, through an escalating number of real world installations, the user-friendly system has proven its ability to reduce utility bills by as much as 25% and deliver a return on investment in just 6 to12 months.

“EcoView offers HVAC&R distributors a unique opportunity to become energy efficiency experts and establish themselves as the go-to conservation and cost control source among their own customer base increasingly seeking to reduce energy and resource usage, utility bills and carbon emissions,” said Gus Ezcurra, CEO of Advanced Telemetry. “The system also fosters closer engagement between these distributors and their customer bases, leading to far greater insight into real-time HVAC-related consumption behaviors and the performance of related mechanicals. Ultimately, this technology enables distributors serving customers with small- to mid-size facilities like restaurants, convenience stores, retail shops, and bank branch offices to readily create new, recurring and highly lucrative revenue streams.”

“With its robust tracking and reporting capabilities, EcoView Commercial provides invaluable real-time insight into our customers’ climate control and energy consumption activities at each given location,” notes Jody Romans, vice president of Monza Energy Systems – an Arizona-based EcoView distributor. “With this usage information and the system’s real-time control capability, we’re now well-positioned to help our customers reduce their energy consumption, utility bills and carbon footprint at one or multiple locations.”

“Traditional energy management system options have been fairly limited and cost-prohibitive for our small business customers, while traditional programmable thermostats, which offer only on-site controls easily overridden or manipulated by unauthorized staff, are burdensome to update with the frequency needed to optimize usage,” adds Tim Hensley, president and CEO of Pannell Mechanical – a Tennessee-based EcoView distributor. “EcoView Commercial allows our company to fill this marketplace gap by offering a best-of-breed solution that is affordable to deploy, delivers quick ROI, operates independent of a utility company, and can be remotely monitored and controlled through a Web interface by the customer, our company’s technicians, or Advanced Telemetry’s Network Operations Center support staff.”

Exemplifying Mr. Hensley’s point, through extensive field testing, RIO Management - a Portland, Oregon-based multi-location Burger King operator – determined EcoView Commercial, under remote management by Advanced Telemetry’s staff, delivered a 13% reduction in energy usage at one of its restaurants and a full 25% reduction in another – results so good they have installed EcoView Commercial in all of their Burger King restaurants.

contemporary At the AHR Expo, Advanced Telemetry will also be previewing its forthcoming EcoView Residential solution, slated for launch into the marketplace at the beginning of the second quarter of 2010. EcoView Residential will combine elements of traditional energy management with features found in home automation systems to create a modular, cost-effective and user-friendly product that will enable homeowners to view and reduce their home’s energy consumption in real-time, both while at home or remotely.

Ezcurra concludes, “While other energy management systems on the market are largely designed for residential or larger business facilities, aren’t networked, and require active system monitoring and management by on-site personnel, EcoView allows our distribution partners to address the unique needs of business owners and residential customers with an affordable solution. Accordingly, partnering with Advanced Telemetry is providing tremendous revenue and growth opportunity to distributors and installers with HVAC expertise. For our part, we expect the expanded sales presence garnered through these partnerships, through both their respective installed customer bases and new channels of distribution our product promotes, will further entrench our market leadership position as the most economical, end-to-end, real-time energy management solution available today.”

About EcoView Commercial
EcoView Commercial, which is revolutionizing technology-based energy management for small to medium-sized facilities, transforms how electricity and other precious resources are conserved in business, resulting in considerable monetary savings and a smaller carbon footprint. Controlled through a simple-to-install wireless touch panel “dashboard” or Web interface and completely independent of a utility company, the system helps business users understand , track and control how they are consuming resources. Advanced Telemetry’s Network Operations Center account specialists are available to remotely monitor user consumption data to immediately detect and diagnose anomalies. This specialist-based remote monitoring can spot potential problems with HVAC and other resource-dependent mechanicals early on before costly catastrophic failures occur. EcoView Commercial is currently deployed at hundreds of locations across the country, helping users realize significant utility cost savings.

EcoView Commercial Features:
On-site “dashboard” touch panel for local control of thermostat settings within limits predefined by Advanced Telemetry and the customer
Components communicate wirelessly enabling easy retrofit
Web-based interface for real-time access, monitoring, reporting and remote thermostat control
Centralized, remote control of thermostats including set points, schedules, and heating and cooling limits that eliminates suboptimal local control
Dedicated Advanced Telemetry account specialists charged with monitoring customers’ locations 24/7/365 for energy usage anomalies and continually examining thermostat settings for optimal performance and savings

About EcoView Residential
EcoView Residential provides real time information on a home’s energy and resource usage, allowing owners and tenants to pinpoint consumption from devices ranging from flat screen televisions to computers to light bulbs. EcoView Residential can be readily connected to wireless control devices, such as thermostats and light switches, enabling users to quickly, easily, and even remotely make adjustments to a home’s energy consumption. EcoView Residential’s high resolution, flat screen touch panel communicates wirelessly with metering devices that measure a home’s electricity and water consumption, providing real-time, graphical illustrations of energy usage or generation for viewing while at home. EcoView Residential also takes advantage of an existing broadband Internet connection to enable remote monitoring and management of household energy use from any Web-enabled device when away from home.

About Advanced Telemetry, LLC
With a corporate belief that energy and fiscal conservation begins with an awareness of wasteful consumption habits as they occur, Advanced Telemetry offers EcoViewTM – a proprietary, smart energy and resource management system for both residential and small commercial applications. Server-based and Web accessible, EcoView is the most cost-effective, future-proof system available that enables users to easily view, manage and reduce their resource consumption - and thus utility bills and carbon footprint – in real-time. This is among the reasons why Advanced Telemetry’s technology is being utilized by General Electric as part of its EcomaginationTM SmartCommandTM program. Founded in 2007, Advanced Telemetry is headquartered in San Diego, California. For more information, please visit www.advancedtelemetry.com


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