January 2010


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    Ken Sinclair

Editorial Comments by Ken Sinclair          Editor/Owner, AutomatedBuildings.com

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January 2010A New Decade + AHR Preview

The past decade has been an extraordinary adventure in discovering new social models on the Web - ways to work, create and organize outside of the traditional institutions of companies, governments and academia. But the next decade will be all about applying these models to the real world.

The collective potential of a million garage tinkerers is now about to be unleashed on the global markets, as ideas go straight into entrepreneurship, no tooling required.  Web was just the proof of concept. Now the revolution gets real. These are words from Chris Anderson Editor in Chief of Wired Magazine,

Our strong connection to the web makes us part of this real revolution. What is your plan for the next decade?

As we prepare for the first major event of the decade AHR Expo  our lead articles Predictions for Smart Buildings in 2010 and 2009, The Year Smart Grid Came To Be plus all our January Content will provide insight and will help with your plans for the next decade.

My contributing editors, columnists and I look forward to a chance to talk with you at the AutomatedBuildings.com free education sessions at  2010 AHR Expo - Orlando - "Building Automation and the Cloud"

Wireless will be the last part of almost all networks as devices in the new decade will interact wirelessly. For insight on this be sure to read Energy Harvesting, Wireless and The EnOcean Alliance. Expect a large presents of wireless at AHRExpo

Lots of great Interviews  World Meter Design Congress  Tracey-Lee Zurcher;  Integrated Workplace Management Systems  Bruce Forbes;  The Critical Role of Smart Lighting  Michael D’Amour;  SunSpec™ Alliance  Tom Tansy;  The EnOcean Alliance  Graham Martin

Columns  Common Routines in DDC Part 2  Steven R. Calabrese;  OPC UA Education hits the road  Manny Mandrusiak;  Holiday Letter  Andy McMillan; Smart Grids and Distributed Energy  Toby Considine

Reviews  2009 in Review   + monthly blizzard of information

Plus our newest sponsor is:  Cisco Smart Connected Buildings, transforming the way buildings are built, operated & experienced.

In my 2009 in Review I wrote;  As we pass into the next decade let's review our clouded reinvention that includes Information, Integration, and Transformation.  There has been much discussion during the last 12 months in our online magazine.  In the coming decade we will pass into our 12th year online.  Our original rambling in articles and interviews about how the web would weave around us and take control of our future are still well read today. As far reaching as those predication and hallucinations were several years ago I  feel the cloud and our reinvention within are similar fodder that will be read for the next 10 years plus. I have included a quick review of our themes for each month of 2009 plus the content our readers have read the most.   

I feel that Cisco presence as one of our advertisers confirms our industry's entrance into the cloud and our reinvention.

The news just keeps flowing thru our web site and RSS feeds daily, and of course the only way to truly find what you are looking for in the vast quantity of information on our site is with our site search engine http://www.automatedbuildings.com/search/sitesearch.htm

As always lots of new products, plus be sure to check our event calendar to see the number of events we have in our future.

Several of our advertisers have provided links to their very informative newsletters and blogs please check them out.

Tell our sponsors you saw their ad on the AutomatedBuildings.com web site and thank them for supporting your free access to evolving Automated Building Industry information. Click on their ads and view their valuable products and services. Please review all Our Sponsors. 

It is a great time to be in the news business for our industry. 

Send comments and suggestions to news@automatedbuildings.com

Our AHR Expo Preview

This issue provides a preview of our advertisers/sponsors and the building automation industry's involvement at this year's AHR Expo. This is our 11th consecutive year of providing free education sessions at AHR Expo and our December Preview issue has become a tradition. We will keep the preview going in our January issue with late breaking news right up to show time.

A great line up of articles that talk about smart grid, measurement, energy efficiency and how Automated Buildings will be interfaced to the web.

December Columns  Common Routines in DDC Steven R. Calabrese  BAS System Tune Ups
Paul Ehrlich & Ira Goldschmidt 
BACnet Marketing 3.0  Andy McMillan  Privacy, the Essential Service for Smart Buildings  Toby Considine  Innovations at the SPS/IPC Drives Show  Manny Mandrusiak

December Interviews 
2010 Niagara Summit  Marc Petock  Achieving “green” building operation  John Bishop  Increasing Acceptance of LEED  Nathan Rothman  The Empire State Building  Randy Storch
658 facilities, 4,000,000+ SF   Kelly R. Campbell 
Connecting BAS with Smart Grid  Anto Budiardjo

December Reviews  OpsManage 2009 user conference  SWOT of Digital Signage

November Favourites  What is "Smart City"?  Energy Reporting  The Business Case for Submetering  Integrating BAS’s To Everything All The Time?  OPC UA Explained  Web Based Customer Communications  Small standards for small things


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