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WattStopper introduces its first Astronomical Time Switch to help homeowners control lighting for security and energy savings

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SANTA CLARA, CA December 2009 – WattStopper has launched the RT-200 Astronomical Time Switch, augmenting the company’s already extensive line of energy-efficient residential lighting controls. The new user-programmable time switch turns lights, or other electrical loads, on and off relative to dusk or dawn, or at selected times of day, providing energy savings and security both inside and outside the home. It is compliant with the requirements of California’s Title 24-2008 for outdoor lighting control.

The RT-200 is the first astronomical time switch produced by WattStopper, and was developed to give homeowners a wider range of lighting control options. It includes a bright organic LED (OLED) display, hidden programming buttons and a large on/off control button. The time switch may be programmed with up to eight control schedules to activate lighting at different times on one or more days of the week. After entering the local time, date, latitude and longitude, users navigate through simple menus to establish the control schedules. The OLED display facilitates wide-angle viewing of the menus, and the control button allows residents the option of manually switching lighting on or off. Advanced features include an optional audible beep and/or a visible flash to warn of an impending off-time.

When programmed relative to dusk or dawn, the Astronomical Time Switch saves energy by automatically making daily adjustments to on- and off-times throughout the year, so lighting is only turned on when it is needed as the days become longer or shorter. The RT-200 was developed primarily for control of outdoor lighting, spas and entryway lighting, where it also provides security by turning lighting on to make the home feel inviting and appear to be occupied. The internal clock automatically resets for daylight savings time.

CatNet Systems The low-profile, decorator-style RT-200 Astronomical Time Switch complements WattStopper’s countdown time switches and residential vacancy sensors, and is available in five colors. It operates most common types of residential lighting, including energy-saving LEDs, as well as motor loads up to 1/6 horsepower. WattStopper’s residential vacancy sensors and controls are available from electrical distributors and retailers, including hardware stores and home improvement centers. WattStopper’s award-winning “Quick Guide to Reducing Lighting Energy Use at Home” and an online multimedia program educate consumers about the benefits of energy-saving lighting controls and how to select the right product for each application.

WattStopper (www.wattstopper.com), a Legrand group brand, is a leading manufacturer of energy efficient lighting controls for commercial and residential use. We help customers find convenient ways to save energy, meet green initiatives, and comply with energy codes with our comprehensive range of products, programs, and services. Legrand (www.legrandelectric.com), located in Limoges, France, is the world specialist in products and systems for electrical installations and information networks, offering solutions for use in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.



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