January 2010
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QA Graphics Expands 3D Symbol Library for Building Controls Industry

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Ankeny, Iowa - January 13, 2010 - QA Graphics, an industry leader in the design of control system graphics, has expanded their 3D symbol library to be compatible with more building automation systems (BAS).

The 3D symbol library was expanded by QA Graphics’ design team (most of which are trained mechanical engineers) to operate smoothly with most BAS software. A core part of QA Graphics’ business is graphic outsourcing, taking mechanical control drawings and creating system graphics for the end user. With this experience, the library was developed to provide the industry with more appealing and realistic graphics than provided with BAS software. The symbol library provides equipment and components to consistently assemble high-end system graphics. Users can spend less time assembling graphics and further distinguish themselves in the market by providing their customers with higher level system graphics that are competitive in today’s industry.

This 3D symbol library has successfully been implemented into numerous facilities and several of the industry’s largest control system manufacturers. With over 200 static graphics and more than 80 animated graphics, the symbols can be used to create most major mechanical systems. The library is available at two levels to meet user’s needs: Commercial, which provides an extensive variety of graphic options to create almost any system graphic, and Lite Commercial, a condensed symbol set to create system graphics. Symbols include boilers, chillers, dampers, filters, piping, fans, cooling towers, generators, valves, ductwork, coils, and more.

The library has been fully tested and is now compatible with the following systems:
• Alerton
• Andover
• Reliable Controls
• Cisco (previously Richards-Zeta)
• Trane
• Tridium
• Computrols – coming soon

contemporary Each library is provided for unlimited use by one physical company location, and may be used by additional locations for a one-time licensing fee.

Users of the symbol library gain a competitive advantage by continually providing high-end system graphics and representing mechanical control drawings in a schematic, graphical view. The library is also constructed to be branded uniquely to the user’s business, with a visible water mark of their 3-letter acronym displayed on major equipment components to protect the graphics. The watermark can also be used so that it is undetectable by the end user. View examples of BAS graphics at: http://www.qagraphics.com/graphic-services/bas-symbol-library.

The design team has extensive experience developing control system graphics, and can create additional symbols or a custom BAS library to fit user’s needs. Several large control system manufacturers have worked with QA Graphics, purchasing the distribution rights to provide their system integrators custom graphics with a competitive edge in today’s market.

About QA Graphics
QA Graphics is an innovative computer graphic development company specializing in control system graphics for the building automation industry. The company is an industry leader in the design of custom graphical user interfaces (GUI), energy dashboards, 3D design/animation, and drafting services. QA Graphics also offers interactive solutions including full-service Web site development and media solutions. Visit http://www.qagraphics.com to learn more.


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