January 2010
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American Auto-Matrix AHR Expo 2010 - Booth #1026

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At the 2010 AHR Expo, American Auto-Matrix will be showcasing the AspectFT HVAC Energy Control Solution: a web enabled control and management family that utilizes internet solutions to manage a building’s energy consumption as well as HVAC functions; the BBC-SD: a BACnet MS/TP-based touchscreen that interfaces with other manufacturers’ BACnet MS/TP systems and is available through general distribution; and the Auto-Flow Critical Environments Solution: a color touch-screen Local User Interface used in combination with a BTL listed BACnet (or proprietary) controller, that allows for any combination of three popular control methodologies for Fume Hoods.

We will be at the New Product Technology Theater “B” on Monday, January 25th at 1pm to give a 15 minute presentation on the AspectFT HVAC Energy Control Solution.

The main question we will be asking at this year’s show is: What is your Aspect for HVAC and Energy Control?

With the American Auto-Matrix AspectFT Product Family you get a truly open, web-enabled HVAC energy control solution that is designed to allow you access to your building from a standard web browser. Utilizing open web solutions, your building can be controlled in a manner that promotes energy efficiency through the display of real-time information via RSS feeds, simple mobile web access, and online scheduling integration through programs such as Google™ Calendar, Outlook® 2007, and Apple’s iCal™ (only three of over 45 programs that can be utilized). By using current open technologies available to almost anyone that has a computer (or web-enabled portable device) and internet access, users are quickly able to link to their building automation system and schedule changes and view live data related to everything from energy consumption to alarms and temperature trends. Also, through “out-of-the-box” MySQL read and write functionality, data utilized for energy management applications can be mined easily and readily through the use of this standard data storage protocol. Also, with the flexibility of Java, and the tested Linux platform, users’ data and information can be displayed in almost an infinite number of ways. Building Control just got a whole lot smarter.

contemporary Unique Features of AspectFT:

For more information on the AspectFT HVAC Energy Control Solution, please visit www.whatsyouraspect.com


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