January 2010
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MatrikonOPC and OMNI Flow Computers, Inc. deliver Secure Data Connectivity.

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EDMONTON, AB January 14th, 2010– OMNI Flow Computers, Inc. has joined with MatrikonOPC™ to deliver industrial strength OPC connectivity to all OMNI flow computers and devices.

OMNI Flow Computers, Inc. is the newest member of the MatrikonOPC™ Vendor Partner Program. The joint development of MatrikonOPC Server for OMNI Flow Computers was the first step in providing secure OPC connectivity solutions for OMNI’s end users. By leveraging MatrikonOPC’s industry-leading products, OMNI Flow Computers, Inc. is able to provide their customers with even more data connectivity options to help grow their businesses.

“OMNI flow computers bear the responsibility of the fiscal integrity for transferring products via the pipeline system. With OPC servers becoming the primary method of accessing data, security is crucial. MatrikonOPC embeds industrial strength security into all of its OPC servers making the relationship with OMNI a natural fit.” said Sean Leonard, Vice President OPC at Matrikon™.

Alan McCartney, President and CEO for OMNI Flow Computers, Inc. said, “Partnering with MatrikonOPC on the development of this interface was an obvious choice. Security is a key aspect in modern data connectivity and MatrikonOPC is the leader in secure OPC communications. OMNI Flow Computers is committed to providing customers with easy and secure connectivity to all of its products.”

To learn more about the MatrikonOPC Server for OMNI Flow Computers and the partnership, please navigate to:

CatNet Systems About OMNI Flow Computers, Inc.
OMNI Flow Computers, Inc, headquartered in the Houston, Texas area, has the largest installed base of multi-tasking, panel-mount flow computers for the custody transfer measurement of hydrocarbon liquids and gases. Worldwide in over 70 countries, OMNI flow computers are connected to more than 30,000 meters and related instruments.
Visit OMNI Flow Computers, Inc at www.omniflow.com

About MatrikonOPC™ (a division of Matrikon Inc.)
MatrikonOPC™ provides software to access device data using the OPC standard. Their promise is to help clients unlock the potential of their data and provide them with vendor neutral training and superior client care. MatrikonOPC™ builds close relationships with their customers, which allows them to have a true understanding of their business. MatrikonOPC™ helps them attain operational efficiency from both a technical and business perspective. With offices in Canada, the United States, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East, they provide local presence on a worldwide scale. MatrikonOPC™ is committed to connectivity.

Visit MatrikonOPC™ at www.MatrikonOPC.com

Matrikon™ and MatrikonOPC™ are trademarks or registered trademarks of Matrikon Inc


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