January 2010
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AHR Expo 2010Activelogix introducing Periscope 1.2 AHR Expo 2010 - Booth #1013

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The latest version of our user-configurable dashboard.

It is a new way of data visualization, and it is particularly effective in helping users organize the myriad of data and other metrics measured or produced by their building automation systems and connected peripherals. A user can easily create and modify his or her personal dashboard without having to contract a specialist or learn a new technical toolset.  Since the dashboard runs on any web browser, users can access their data from anywhere.

Periscope is fundamentally different in that we designed it to enable individualized dashboards that could be “created, owned and managed” by the individual. So an energy manager might focus his dashboard on energy-related items, while an owner might be more interested in ranking financial performance of similar structures. The university might want to set up “energy-wise” competitions across the housing facilities to encourage friendly kWh consumption competition between the dorms, with the students having their own dashboard access to see how the contest is faring. The consultant might want to use his dashboard to verify his projections on energy efficiency for the new project were met or exceeded. So lots of different agendas can be easily accommodated.

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