January 2012
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10th International Conference on Multipurpose High-rise Towers and Tall Buildings

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Dubai UAE November 5 - 6, 2012.

The above unique conference is the 10th in series of the international conferences so far organized by International Federation of High-rise Structures (IFHS website www.ifhsassociation.org) in Dubai UAE between November 5 - 6, 2012. The details of the conference is been given in website www.acevents.ae/ifhs2012 .

About the IFHS 2012 Conference :

The overall theme for the conference is:Extreme Engineering

Conference themes

Occupant Issues:
Crowd control, behavioral aspects of living high, space planning, environment and comfort, computer modeling, rehabilitation, urban planning and design.

Special Design Features:
Materials, wind & earthquake resistance, building interior, innovative design configurations, robotics, sustainability and structural analysis & design, construction process, management, economics of tall buildings, sustainable & eco architecture.

Security and Safety:
Fire safety, emergency evacuation & disaster management, security systems, HVAC systems, design for severe impact and smart service and control systems.

CatNet Systems Integrated Services:
Special Services, e.g. water, elevators, food, mail, communication, instrumentation for air borne warning, energy systems and automation.

Sustainable & Eco Architecture:

Case Studies:
Extreme engineering and structural failures due to man-made and natural disasters.

The conference themes are in synergy with Dubai, the host city for the 2012 conference. It is witnessing an overwhelming and relentless construction boom and is emerging as one of the Middle Eastern boom cities with the highest number of tower and tall building construction projects in the World, with many record breaking projects planned or under construction. This Conference will provide participants with the opportunity to experience these developments first hand.

Organised in association with The International Federation of High-Rise Structures (IFHS), it will be the 10th time that this conference has been held around the world, with the previous venues being Bangalore, Singapore, London, Kuala Lumpur, Madrid, Toronto, Dubai, Abu Dhabi & more recently Germany. The decision by the IFHS to choose Dubai as the 2012 host city is out of recognition of the Emirate’s emergence as one of the fastest growing cities worldwide in terms of towers and tall buildings.

We invite you to participate in IFHS2012 in Dubai. For further information or to be placed on the mailing list to receive future notices, please contact Patrick Latchem, at patrick@acevents.ae



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