January 2012
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AHR ExpoAirTest New Products At The AHR Show Jan 23-25 - Booth #3827

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Visit us at our booth (#3827) at the AHR Expo in Chicago January 23rd to 25th in Chicago.  At the show we will be introducing some new products that you may find interesting.  Even if you cannot attend, a brief description of what is new with web links is provided below.
1.  BACnet® CO2 Transmitter: Based on numerous customer requests we are introducing a BACnet® communicating CO2 transmitter in our popular TR9294 wall mount enclosure.  This adds to our capability to provide LonWorks® communication or dual analog outputs.  This self-calibrating sensor requires no maintenance over its operating life (est 15-20 years). 

2. Wireless CO2, Temp & Humidity:  Retrofit of CO2 sensors can be difficult and costly.  At the show we will be introducing the EE240 product family from E+E Eletronik that provides a dependable, affordable and easy to impliment platform for wirelessly connecting sensors.   This new product offers point to point communication, analog outputs or networked sensors that can be accessed using a web server.  Commercial and industrial version enclosures are available.  

3.  Dew Point for Better Humidity Control:  We at AirTest have been a champion of dew point measurement.  For more information read our white paper called " It's the Dew Point Stupid!". We will be showing three products specifically designed for dew point control.

1.   The EE46 surface dew point sensor is designed to work with radiant cooling systems to pre-detect condensation before it becomes a problem.
2.   We will be showing a very affordable wall mounted temperature and dew point sensor called the EE10-3 that can be used to better control humidity inside buildings. It is ideal for use with latent removal or dehumidification technologies.
3.   Instead of enthalpy control for fresh air economizers we offer a number of different types of dew point controlled economizer sensors that have long life,  perform better and save more energy.

4.  Ultra Low Power, Wide Range CO2 Measurement:  We are pleased to announce that we will now be offering a totally new technology for CO2 measurement. The COZIR is a small, ultra low power sensor utilizes a light emitting diode as a source of infrared energy.  This product is designed as a OEM product.  Key features include:

•    Ability to operate on common AA or AAA consumer batteries for many years.  With it's low power draw offering long battery life, this sensor is ideal for use with portable or wireless products.
•    A sensor that is immune to shock and will not change calibration when jarred or dropped.
•    Offers a number of measurement ranges from 0-2000 ppm up to 0-100% CO2.
•    A high speed version can sample up to a rate of 200 ms (5 times a second).
•    Add on measurement options for temperature, humidity and light sensing.

  More information is available at www.airtest.com


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