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New Conference Announced to Connect Companies, Communities and People Who Are Redefining Smart and Connected Systems

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Haystack Connect 2013 – Bringing Together the Community for Smart Devices, Smart Buildings and Smart Business

JANUARY 7, 2013 Technology continues to drive rapid change in smart building technologies, energy management and operational efficiency solutions. Today, the most significant advances are being driven not by a single company, but rather by a community of companies creating open, best of breed solutions that work together through a range of open protocols and software interfaces.

Haystack Connect 2013, taking place April 29-May 2 at the Chattanoogan Hotel and Conference Center, Chattanooga, Tennessee is the event that will bring together systems integrators, technology suppliers and customers who are leading the way to more efficient and sustainable buildings and advanced smart-device applications. Haystack Connect 2013 is the place where these “communities” are coming together to network, share, create synergy and generate new business opportunities.

The event has been designed and organized by noted industry veterans from a community of companies who share the vision that connected communities can move the industry forward in ways that no single supplier can. The executives are John Petze and Brian Frank of SkyFoundry, Jason Briggs and Scott Muench of J2 Innovations and Marc Petock of Lynxspring.

“The people we talked to saw a need for a conference that directly serves the needs of the customers, systems integrators and technology vendors who are on the leading edge of applying smart devices and smart buildings technology. So a group of us have joined together to produce this new event – Haystack Connect” said John Petze, Principal at Sky Foundry.

“We think that the idea of an open source community translates well to the need for an event that is produced by the community, for the community, and many of the sponsors of the event are active with project-haystack”, commented J2 Innovations CEO Jason Briggs.

“The event is really about the vision that a connected community and connected ecosystem is vital in moving the industry forward in ways that no single supplier can. As our industry has evolved, the importance of connected communities is the forward progress of the industry”, noted, Marc Petock, Vice President, Marketing, Lynxspring.

Haystack Connect 2013 has chosen to take its inspiration and event name and from the success of the open source community that is addressing the challenges of making smart device data work seamlessly across applications of all types - project-haystack.org.

Sponsors of the event to date include Activelogix, AIC Wireless, BAS Services Graphics, Can 2 Go, Daintree Networks, Eagle Technology, Easy IO, J2 Innovations, Lynxspring, Novo Integration, SkyFoundry, SmartCom/Infergence and Wattstopper.

For more information on Haystack Connect 2013 including sponsorship opportunities and how to register, attend or exhibit visit http://haystackconnect.org/.

For general information contact John Petze at johnp@haystackconnect.org or Marc Petock at marc.petock@lynxspring.com.


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