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AHR Expo 2013FIN Builder 2.5 New Features Update - AHR 2013 Booth#991

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We want to thank our FIN Community for your support and business, we have been wildly successful - more so than we could have imagined. With over 22 training classes held this year, more and more of you are using FIN Builder every day. We also value your feedback and have been busy implementing and adding features requested by all of you in the FIN Community. FIN Builder is now advanced to version 2.5, and getting better every day! 
1. The Item Renderer allows the user to create a custom graphical list using points from inside a virtual table [Item Renderer]
2. Import FINP option helps us retrieve any published file directly from the server (Niagara Station) [Import FINp]
3. We can now search for any property or value and replace all the findings at one time through the "Search and Replace" window [Search & Replace]
4. CSV files can now be imported inside FIN and also downloaded [CSV]
5. The poly lines have received a new improvement - they can now be a dashed line [Dash/Gap Lines]
6. The Gradient Numeric Translator combined with the Value Fill Slider allows us to customize Fills and colors even easier [Value Fills Slider]
7. Kiosk feature now allows us to make an automatic slideshow with the FIN Include [Kiosk]
8. With User Management we don't need to edit our user accounts through the Niagara UserService [User Management]
9. We now have a Print action that allows us to create either a print screen or a direct print [Print]
10. Import Model window helps us change themes faster and easier [Import Window]
....see more new features on our docs page.

Also, be sure to check out our 2.5 Tips & Tricks youtube playlist to see some of our newest features in action!

J2 Innovations continues to partner with some of the best distributors in the industry. We would like to welcome some of the most recent new Distributors to join the FIN Community; Control Products, Broudy Precision, Control Consultants, and Yorkland Controls. For a complete listing of all our FIN Authorized Distributors and Alliance Partners visit our website at www.J2Inn.com/partners  

contemporary The new Item Renderer feature is a powerful way to combine any graphical set of components (labels, images, bars, etc.) into an easily duplicated list. The Item Renderer is basically a graphical version of a summary that builds and updates automatically using a query. Imagine building a summary page for your VAVs or Fan Coils, once in your library, and never having to edit or change a summary page again. Once the summary page is built, all you do is duplicate the VAV/Equipment in Niagara, and the summary page is automatically done. Now imagine combining that functionality with some additional standard functions such as actions and popups, the result is a truly immersive user experience. Check out this video for a sample of how the Item Renderer works, and make your next equipment summary using this advanced combination of features.
You can try 2.5 today by ordering a start-up kit online or become a reseller through one of our Distributors – for existing customers simply launch FIN Builder and it will prompt you for an automatic upgrade! (If you're using the previous version FIN Builder 2.0 (Vampire) and you haven't received the update message, please contact support at: support@j2inn.com)           
Our partners have been applying what they have learned in training and then taken their creativity to a whole new level. Check out how ControlCo has used FIN Builder to enable an incredible user experience.

For more information visit http://www.J2Inn.com

Visit us at AHR 2013 Booth#991 January 28-30 in Dallas, Texas               


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