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ASHRAE REGION XI CRC 2006 Technical Session

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Moving Building Automation Systems out of the BOILER ROOM and into the BOARD ROOM

What is it about?
Conventional building automation is being transformed by three mega-forces which will totally restructure building automation; factory-mounted open protocol communicating controllers, IP connectivity, and wireless. Although ASHRAE’S open protocol BACnet is embodied in both open protocol and IP connectivity, there are other forces that are shaping our future. Industry automation leaders will discuss these forces.

Where and when is it?
The technical session at the ASHRAE REGION XI CRC 2006
Victoria, BC Canada, Laurel Point Inn, 8:00 am to 11:00 am May 11, 2006
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What will be the perspectives and Who will present them?

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contemporary An Introduction to Mega Forces that are changing our Industry
Ken Sinclair Editor/Owner
Our Industry is now talking IT, walking IT and providing products and services based on Information Technology. The BAS market is now at a point called a “Decision Zone”. Cisco and other IT giants are now very interested in the Building Automation Industry and its convergence with the IT world.  Wireless technology has been shown to be a cost effective solution for building control systems, enabling wireless mobility for building personnel, and bridging several networks for interoperability. Other forces and their impacts will be discussed such as Power over Ethernet (PoE), Voice over internet VOIP, Video over internet, the GridWise movement, a peek at next generation Intelligent Buildings, Honeywell’s Global Service Response Center (GSRC) plus observations and products of note from this year’s AHR Expo in Chicago.

From the Boiler Room to the Board Room Part II
Rick LeBlanc Senior VP- Building Automation Division of Siemens Building Technologies
Rick will make a virtual appearance at our technical session from where ever he is on that day, via the internet, proving that the medium is the message. Conventional building automation is being transformed by 3 mega-forces that promise to dramatically change our industry:
1. HVAC unitary equipment now includes factory-mounted open protocol communicating controllers
2. IP connectivity is everywhere connecting enterprise systems as well as building/facility systems
3. Disruptive technologies like wireless and micro-systems are now a reality.
A powerful convergence is underway and it will accelerate. Each mega-trend is a market changer but in combination they will totally restructure building automation. The current climate of greater environmental and energy awareness will certainly hasten the change.

Connectivity Today
Anto Budiardjo, President & CEO, Clasma Events Inc.
Anto will make a virtual appearance at our technical session from Dallas, Texas or where ever he is on that day, via the internet, again proving that the medium is the message.  We have the technology, we have the infrastructure, we have the attention of the buildings and IT industries, we have the demand from corporations who own buildings, and now we have a way to measure the value of connectivity. Let me tell you about “The Connectivity Law” and what it means to our industry. Anto is the creator of BuilConn, the first of which was held in 2003. This event’s vision is to connect people with each other so that devices and systems can be better connected. The name BuilConn is no accident, it’s about Building Connectivity (“building” both as a verb and a noun). The venue focuses on this very important subject, not about the disciplines of HVAC, security, lighting, IT or any of the other systems found in buildings, but about connecting them with each other, and extracting their true value. The supporters of BuilConn are evolving to be a veritable list of connectivity-centric companies and organizations: LONMARK, BACnet, oBIX, OASIS, OPC, ZigBee and CABA to name a few, and commercial support from Cisco, Tridium, Gridlogix, Lantronix, Cimetrics and many others. It’s also not an accident that BuilConn is co-located with events that also focus on connectivity, M2M in generic devices and GridWise Expo for the smart Grid.

BACnet International - The World's Open Door to Interoperability
Tom Zaban V.P. Marketing - Reliable Controls Corporation
The BACnet Manufacturers Association (BMA) and the BACNet Interest Group - North America (BIG-NA) have recently joined forces to become “BACnet International” - the definitive source for BACnet activities and information, reaching a greater audience around the world. Now everyone who is passionate about controls, including manufacturers, end-users, consulting engineers, contractors and institutions has the freedom to join a single organization that will influence the direction of the international standard for building automation and control networks. Attend this session to learn how BACnet International is organized, what membership fees are being charged, and how you can become directly involved and benefit from this international open door to interoperability.

BACnet – An Enabler for Advanced User Interfaces
Brian Dutt Regional Sales Manager – US Northeast - Delta Controls Inc
Technology that works! Fact or Fiction? Present or Future? The industry is full of talk regarding convergence, wireless sensors, and other exciting concepts and products. It’s an interesting time for our industry, so much technology, so many changes, but what changes have made a significant impact on Users, and who are these Users? BACnet has made it possible to leverage the billions of dollars that have been spent in the IT industry to make Advanced User Interfaces more than a concept. Mr. Dutt will present two case studies of how BACnet is being used to provide information to a ‘new’ User Group for our industry.

Clean up, Cool down and Conclusions
We will save some time for Clean up, Cool down and Conclusions – by all.

Registration and Cost
The technical session cost is $100.00 per person or $20 for students. All speakers have donated their time and resources to make this event possible. We are looking forward to a fun and informative technical session. Please join us and help support Vancouver Island Chapter host the ASHRAE Region XI CRC while enjoying beautiful Victoria in the spring time. A true win, win, win event.

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