March 2006
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Embernet: The ZigBee-ready network

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Embernet is the name of the new ZigBee-ready network platform from Ember that allows products to communicate wirelessly in self-organising, self-healing mesh-style networks. Adding more Ember-enabled devices to the network makes it more robust, not less. The Embernet protocol stack resides on your choice of host processor, and its API provides a simple, consistent interface to the routing, discovery and service management features of the protocol stack.

Examples of Embernet already in use include wireless light switches that can be controlled centrally in hotels and office blocks to save energy, and Temp Tale temperature monitors that are attached to pallets of food during transport to ensure the quality of the contents on arrival - the data can be read wirelessly from the sensors by a base station without even unloading the pallets.

One sector that Ember is especially keen to promote is the "home awareness" sector - whereby wireless devices allow home security to be monitored with sensors monitoring and controlling things like door and window locks.

Bob Metcalfe, the inventor of Ethernet, and now chairman of Ember, says: "I see parallels between ZigBee and Ethernet. As Ethernet has connected millions of computers, Ember's technology has the potential to network-enable billions of devices that previously couldn't communicate. The company's early commitment to ZigBee will further accelerate the adoption of Ember's wireless mesh networks in the marketplace."


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