March 2006
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Mindteck’s ZigBee Application Development: An Unparalleled Accomplishment
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Bangalore - Mindteck announced the completion of one of the largest commercial installations of ZigBeeTM wireless energy monitoring systems by their customer Wellspring Wireless, in a 590 home apartment community in Rochester, New York, USA, where Wellspring monitors record boiler energy delivered to each apartment. The Wellspring Energy Monitor is capable of measuring wet energy delivered from any boiler or chiller system, and tracking consumption data from conventional water, gas and electric meters. The Energy Monitors are ZigBee compliant and wirelessly transmit consumption and diagnostic information. Mindteck is Wellspring’s ZigBee firmware development partner for Energy Monitor and Water Meter products.

Mindteck has been working on ZigBee since 2004 and has developed MAC layer, complete ZigBee certified stack and applications. Wellspring’s Energy Monitors and Water Meters are amongst a series of ZigBee application projects that Mindteck is associated with, and the first to complete commercial installation. Apart from ZigBee in the field of automated meter reading, Mindteck is aggressively working on other applications that include lighting and access control, temperature and pressure sensing. Mindteck will be demonstrating some of these applications in the ZigBee Alliance Open House and Exhibition in Milan, Italy to be held on March 16, 2006.

Shankar Velayudhan, Mindteck’s Chief Technology Officer when mentioning about their ZigBee practice said, “We are seeing an accelerated growth in the number of ZigBee product design starts in Automated Meter Reading, Building Automation and Process Monitoring space. Our experience in building certified ZigBee protocol stack is proving to be invaluable as we build applications on this protocol. To address this rapidly growing market segment, we are augmenting our ZigBee Center of Excellence from 45 to over 100 engineers this year. This is in line with our strategy of identifying and growing with emerging markets that are aligned to our strengths.”

Tim Matt, Wellspring’s Chief Technology Officer lauded Mindteck for their contributions. He said, “Mindteck did a great job as our firmware development partner, delivering quality code that is fully documented in spite of a very tight schedule and changing requirements. Their openness and enthusiasm in responding immediately to issues raised by Wellspring and Ember helped successfully address many challenges in this project. At this point, it is clear that Mindteck is leading their competitors in ZigBee.”


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