March 2010
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Ziphany Performs for 2010 NYISO Test Event

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Control Solutions, Inc

Ziphany delivers prompt event performance calculations on behalf of DR providers participating in the February 17th NYISO Test Event.

Buffalo, NY (USA), March 1, 2010: There are several essential components to participating in demand response (DR), not the least of which is processing an enormity of performance related data. When emergency and test events are called, such as the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) February 17th event for the Special Case Resource (SCR) program, this reporting provides evidence of performance to the ISO for each participant. Because of this, these back-office calculations become as important as the actual curtailment notifications.

Control Solutions, Inc The methodologies used in these calculations can be overwhelming if done manually and may take several weeks to complete. Ziphany’s automated processes expedite these resource-intensive tasks. After NYISO’s 2010 test event– Ziphany delivered performance and settlement reports back to its partnering Curtailment Service Providers within 48 hours of the event.

This rapid turnaround time is an example of the critical nature of Ziphany’s services, which save time and valuable resources within the organizations they serve. Other enabling services that Ziphany offers include meter data management (MDM), web presentation portals, contract and contact tracking, event management tools, real-time dispatch/notifications dashboards, and automated demand response / direct load control.

About Ziphany, LLC
Ziphany, based in Buffalo, NY and founded in 1999 is a private company that exists to serve the energy industry by enabling aggressive business growth of its partners while significantly boosting bottom lines. By providing efficient, scalable, and comprehensive solutions on proven platforms, Ziphany is uniquely positioned to equip energy companies with the information and tools needed to grow their businesses.
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