March 2010
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Genentech Expands Infometrics Monitoring at Advanced Research and Manufacturing Facility

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Genentech, Leader in Biotech, Expands Deployment of Infometrics Continuous, Monitoring-Based Commissioning Service across Manufacturing Campus

Cimetrics announced that Genentech has expanded the deployment of the Infometrics continuous, monitoring-based commissioning program across its Vacaville, California facilities. Following a successful pilot of the service, Genentech has rolled it out through six manufacturing and research facilities to reduce energy costs and optimize operational performance. The Vacaville campus, spread over 100 acres and opened in 1998, is one of the world's largest biotech manufacturing plants. Infometrics was chosen to help contain energy costs and ensure peak equipment performance in mission-critical applications.

Infometrics is a continuous, monitoring-based commissioning program that includes 24/7/365 data collection and analysis to ensure that building systems maintain peak efficiency and comfort. Infometrics enables reduced energy consumption and carbon emissions while providing enterprise-level management information. Powered through complex fault detection and diagnostic technology, our program often exposes hidden facility issues that cause waste and other serious problems. The Infometrics client report includes:

A prioritized list of issues
Recommendations for corrective action
An energy savings calculation (in dollars) for each issue
A carbon emissions calculation (in tons) for each issue
Ongoing monitoring/tracking of issues to confirm performance by staff or vendor
Newly achieved energy savings totaled each month for year-to-date savings

Infometrics benefits include:

Persistent energy savings
Reduced CO2 emissions
Predictive maintenance
Improved comfort
Simplified facility management

The Leader in Continuous, Monitoring-Based Commissioning

Since 2000, Cimetrics has been the leading provider of continuous, monitoring-based commissioning in North America with the Infometrics service. As an owner-advocate to our clients including universities, hospitals, laboratories, mixed-use hospitality, federal, and state governments, Infometrics improves fixed asset performance and then measures energy and carbon savings for each building.

Infometrics Reduces Energy Use, Maintenance Costs and CO2 Emissions
Clients rely on Infometrics' fault detection, diagnostic, and optimization technology to improve mechanical and operational efficiency, and to catch problems that would otherwise remain hidden. The prioritized list of energy and operational issues provided to each client enables proactive rather than reactive system maintenance, minimizing costly downtime, extending equipment life, and saving owners money on bloated service agreements.

For more information about the Infometrics program, or to receive a free Infometrics sample report, please call us visit Cimetrics Inc.


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