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10. Rehva World Air-Conditioning Congress – Clima 2010, hosted by Turkish Society of HVAC and Sanity Engineers (TTMD), will bring together more than a thousand heating, ventilating and air-conditioning experts from 6 continents and 56 countries from the USA to Japan, in Antalya...

Clima 2010 –10. Rehva World Air-Conditioning Congress, whose main theme is determined as “Sustainable Energy Use in Buildings“, will take place in Antalya, WOW Hotels – Topkapı and Kremlin Palaces between 9 and 12 May 2010.  The heart of the HVAC sector will beat in Antalya...

Clima 2010 – 10. Rehva World Air-Conditioning Congress, whose main theme is “Sustainable Energy Use in Buildings” and which is one of the leading congresses of the world in HVAC sector, will provide an important platform for scientists, building industry, building owners, consultants, engineers and architects, where they can exchange knowledge about scientific data and technical solutions with the aim of contributing to energy saving, regeneration of energy and energy efficiency in buildings considering installation technologies as a whole.

In the scope of Clima 2010, to be organized in 12 different halls of Antalya – WOW Hotels Topkapı and Kremlin Palace; there are 25 workshops whose reports will be gathered in a book and delivered to the participants, reHVAClub HVAC Industrialists Meetings, HVAC projects of Rehva member countries and prize Student Contests. Following the congress where Turkey will be represented by Istanbul Technical University team, the winner of the national contest organized with the contributions of ISKAV, DOSIDER, İZODER, TTMD and SODEX in the student contest, the REHVA & ASHRAE paid courses to be organized on 13 May 2010, will provide professionals with an important opportunity.

Control Solutions, Inc Rehva World Congresses organized by the Federation of European Heating and Air-Conditioning Associations (REHVA) in member countries since 1975 and lasting for four days, brings together more than a thousand academicians, scientists, mechanical designers, consultants, contractors, investors, manufacturers and construction managers from all over the world. This huge organization, in which knowledge exchange is done with scientific presentations about air-conditioning, ventilation, heating, energy, internal air quality, sanitation, mechanical installation and similar issues as well as workshops and poster presentations, and technical books are published as a result of these studies, is the leading congress in the world about HVAC.

Clima 2010, to be organized between 9 and 12 May 2010 in Antalya, hosted by TTMD, a member of ASHRAE since 1994 and REHVA since 1996, receives the highest number of declarations among the Rehva World Congresses. Registrations can be made online on the official website until 01 May 2010.

The speakers invited to the congress where the leading researchers of the sector will also make presentations about their expertise areas, are as follows;
Keynote Speakers:
- Yuri Tabunschikov, Moscow Architecture Institute, Russia
- Brain Cody, Graz Technical University, Austria
- Micheal Schmidt, Stuttgart University, Germany

Invited Speakers:

-William P. Bahnfleth, Penn State University, USA, - Kent W. Peterson, Consultant, ASHRAE, USA, - Dirk Mueller, Aachen University, Germany - Martin Dieryckx, Daikin Europe, Belgium - Yi Jiang, Tsingua University, China - Jarek Kurnitski, Helsinki Technical University, Finland - Francis Allard, La Rochelle University, France - Jan Hensen, Eidhoven University, Netherlands - Hiroshi Yoshino, Tohoku University, Japan - Eduardo B. Maldonado, Porto University, Portugal -

CLIMA 2010


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