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QA Graphics, a provider of educational and interactive solutions for green buildings, is awarding two lucky schools with their Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard to educate students, parents and the community about the schools’ sustainable initiatives. Cast your vote and help decide who those lucky schools are!

As part of QA Graphics’ Showcase Your School’s Green Efforts contest, the company called for entries from schools nationwide, asking them to share what steps have been taken to green their school. QA Graphics is rewarding two schools for their sustainable efforts and will provide them with an Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard to help educate the next generation about being green.

The Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard (EEED) is an interactive educational display used to showcase a building’s green initiatives. It can be incorporated into the school’s curriculum, using interactive demonstrations, quizzes and games to provide education about the sustainable features and how they help the environment. The content can also be edited, using a simple content management system, so that the school can continue to use the EEED as part of its curriculum.

Schools from all over the country submitted entries explaining what they are doing to be sustainable and how they would use QA Graphics’ Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard to share these initiatives with the students, parents and the community. QA Graphics worked with the national U.S. Green Building Council to reach out to state USGBC chapters for support and assistance with the contest and judging of the entries. The entries were judged and awarded points based on a number of factors including how the school’s initiatives have improved the overall environmental health of the school, whether those initiatives are sustainable, as well as the overall quality of the essay.

“It’s been exciting to hear from so many schools across the country and learn what they are doing to be sustainable and how they are educating our next generation about the importance of being green,” said Dan McCarty, president of QA Graphics. “Our Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard will serve as a great educational tool to help further these schools’ environmental efforts.”

QA Graphics is calling the public to cast their vote and help select the winners of the Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard. Cast your vote now at Cast your vote and help select which schools will be rewarded for their sustainable efforts. The winning entry provided by K-5 and the winning entry provided by 6-12 grade schools will be awarded an Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard. The winners will be announced May 10, 2010.

About QA Graphics
QA Graphics is an innovative graphic development company specializing in the building automation and green building design industries. The company is an industry leader in the design of graphical user interfaces (GUI) and energy efficiency education used to showcase a building’s green initiatives. The company provides a variety of graphic design solutions including graphic outsourcing, 3D design/animation, interactive content and Web site development. Visit to learn more.



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