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CAS Modbus RTU Data Client - Data Logger and HTTP/XML Server

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The versatile CAS Modbus RTU Data Client, manufactured and distributed by Chipkin Automation Systems Inc., is a data logger and HTTP/XML Server which collects and logs data from Modbus enabled devices.

Vancouver, BC The new CAS Modbus RTU Client, manufactured and distributed by Chipkin Automation Systems Inc. has been released on May 1, 2010. It is simple, easy to use and configure. It serves data to other applications using XML or HTTP and the log files can be uploaded for later review. Automation Professionals can view the log and current data using the onboard web server.

CAS Modbus RTU Client connects to Modbus RTU slaves to read data. One RS485 trunk with a maximum of 32 devices is supported. When the data and transactions are logged, the log files are available and can be transferred to other computers. Additionally, current data can be monitored by remote systems running applications that can issue HTTP or SOAP/XMP GET requests such applications can be easily developed by the end users. Furthermore, this data is available using an Internet Browser such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. One RS232 with a maximum of one slave device is supported and the engineers can configure the connection parameters, device parameters as well as data parameters.

Reliable Controls Log records of each Modbus read and response transactions with time stamps of data returned by Modbus devices are maintained in the file system. These files are (zipped) human readable data and can be uploaded to a remote PC using HTTP. CAS Modbus RTU Client can be configured to write copies of the log records to files on a USB memory stick connected to one of the USB ports (USB sticks have limits on re-use). When the file space runs low, the data client overwrites older files. Optional hard disk improves performance and capacity significantly.

CAS Modbus RTU Client supports standard baud rates up to 38400k and functions codes such as 01 Read Coil Status, 02 Read Input Status, 03 Read Holding Registers and 04 Read Input Registers. These function codes are read only, one should check with Chipkin Automation System about the write capability as the data sheet may be out-dated. Hardware handshaking and XON/OFF is not supported.

For further information about CAS Modbus RTU Data Client, visit

Established in 2000, the company is a specialist engineering consultancy providing services that are currently focused on system integration and protocol conversion. Chipkin Automation Systems Inc. also manufactures and distributes several data clients such as BACnetIP Data Client and Modbus TCP/RTU Data Client. For additional information on the news of this release, visit


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