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OpenADR for the Masses with REGEN Energy’s EnviroGrid

Toronto, Canada, May 23, 2011- REGEN Energy™ announces the availability of its OpenADR (Open Automated Demand Response) solution for summer 2011. This solution breaks down technology barriers so that every commercial and industrial facility can benefit from OpenADR programs and incentives. REGEN’s simple wireless EnviroGrid™ demand management technology enables building owners to participate in OpenADR, whether directly with a utility or through a load aggregator, at a fraction of the cost and complexity compared to an Energy Management System (EMS). Most facilities can be installed and commissioned within one day by any HVAC technician or electrician, making EnviroGrid one of the fastest deployment solutions available today. EnviroGrid requires no intervention on the part of the customer, and qualifies for utility incentives that trim financial payback into months, not years.

The OpenADR standard, already in use by many of California’s largest utilities, allows customers to receive Automatic Demand Response signals to control building equipment such as air-conditioning and lighting, which can represent over 50% of total building electrical load. Customers are eligible for tremendous utility incentives if they participate via OpenADR.

Until now, the only way that commercial and industrial customers could convert those OpenADR signals into action was if they installed and customized an EMS. This presented an obstacle for the majority of building operators, given the cost and complexity involved in installing and managing an EMS - let alone the costs to customize load limiting strategies for each building. Department of Energy surveys indicate that 75% of buildings do not have an EMS, restricting adoption of OpenADR to a small segment of the market.

CatNet Systems EnviroGrid employs REGEN’s patented wireless swarm logic controllers to distribute a Demand Response event’s curtailment across loads and across time as smoothly as possible, providing substantially better occupant comfort compared to conventional temperature setback or load limiting techniques. EnviroGrid also provides consumption reduction and peak demand reduction benefits well beyond DR events, generating energy efficiency savings for customers year-round. “Even buildings with an EMS can profit from the use of REGEN’s system, as EnviroGrid can be integrated with existing control systems to provide additional benefits in conjunction with OpenADR connectivity,” says Tim Angus, CEO of REGEN Energy.

EnviroGrid simplifies not only the equipment required to participate in OpenADR, but also the process by which a customer can engage a utility – whether one chooses to enter into a third-party aggregator contract, or enroll directly with the utility under the many attractive DR programs offered today.

ABOUT REGEN ENERGY REGEN provides industry-leading solutions for demand management and demand response using a patented approach that is affordable, easy to use, and maintains occupant comfort. Today REGEN works with a network of resellers to deliver their EnviroGrid™ technology across North America.

For more information about EnviroGrid™, please send email to or visit our website at


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