November 2008
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Precidia Launches EtherCell™ Secure Access Device

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Ottawa, Canada, November 10, 2008 - Precidia Technologies Inc., a global leader in the design and manufacture of Internet Protocol (IP) payment and networking products, announced today the launch of the EtherCell™, a secure access device. The EtherCell is designed to facilitate secure external access to a mission-critical IP device or application. This capability allows network administrators to access equipment from a remote location, without compromising network security.

Often used as a replacement for dial-in modems and PCs, the EtherCell leverages protocol conversion technology, receiving or setting up a PPP connection via its RS232 port, using a cellular or analog modem. The EtherCell's Ethernet port is connected to the required device, providing secure, low cost access from outside the network. Ideal for devices without access to dial modems, the EtherCell is designed to communicate with only the connected device. By setting up a demilitarized zone (DMZ), the EtherCell firewalls the rest of the network.

Several of Precidia's PBX Dealers use the EtherCell to support PBX systems in hospitality and other environments. This capability is particularly useful when broadband Internet access is not available, due to security concerns. Resellers can easily access the PBX remotely for maintenance tasks using a dial-in modem and existing IP management systems.

PlantPROCORE Precidia President Deepak Wanner says that the EtherCell is used in a range of applications requiring secure external network access: "The EtherCell's primary advantage is to network administrators who require 'emergency' access to a mission critical IP device or application from outside the network", said Mr. Wanner. "Other applications include ethernet-based utility meters, which can be accessed using an operator's cell phone, to retrieve data or manage the device".

To learn more about the EtherCell, and Precidia's other serial connectivity, network monitoring and remote access solutions, visit

About Precidia Technologies
Precidia Technologies is a global leader in the design and manufacture of Internet Protocol (IP) payment and networking products. With customers in over 85 countries, Precidia offers unique products designed for simple serial networking, as well as a suite which manages the complexity of IP based payments in the retail industry. All of Precidia's products have been designed to maximize the potential of existing equipment, with deployment, monitoring, security and management tools. For more information, visit Precidia on the Web at


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