November 2008
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Spinwave Systems Announces Field Kit for Wireless Monitoring of Indoor Air Quality and Energy Use

Conduct Building Audits Quickly and Efficiently, With Minimal Set-Up Time

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Spinwave Systems introduces a field kit for monitoring a building's energy efficiency and indoor air quality, and transmit the information wirelessly for both on-site and remote energy measurement. The new field kit promises to make it easier and more cost-effective to evaluate a building's energy performance. By deploying the kit, companies can obtain the data they need to reduce their energy consumption, and help ensure a healthy and productive indoor environment.

The field kit enables you to monitor:

Energy usage
Indoor air quality (CO2)
Occupant comfort (Temperature and relative humidity)
Equipment current consumption

in any facility, wirelessly. The kit is simple to set up, with plug-and-play functionality. It enables building audits to be performed quickly and efficiently, with minimal costs for setting up equipment.

The field kit consists of the following pieces: one or more indoor environmental conditions monitors, one or more wireless pulse counters for measuring energy usage, and a receiver.

The indoor monitor is mounted on a tripod, and includes wireless sensors for measuring temperature, relative humidity (RH), and CO2 levels. Simply place the monitor where it is needed to measure environmental conditions. A built-in repeater expands the range of the device, so that additional repeaters are generally not necessary. The data is transmitted wirelessly to a receiver, from which it can be collected using any standard PC or laptop computer. The Excel-compatible data can then be viewed on site, be sent via FTP to a remote server, or, using HTTP Post, to a Web server.

Reliable Controls Taken together, the CO2, temperature, and RH readings provide a comprehensive picture of a facility's occupant comfort, indoor air quality (IAQ), and energy consumption:

CO2 monitoring measures both indoor air quality and ventilation efficiency. If CO2 levels in a building are too high, IAQ is poor. If CO2 levels are very low, however, it can indicate that a building is over-ventilated.
Temperature and relative humidity monitoring verifies occupant comfort, and well as detecting hot and cold spots that indicate inefficient heating and cooling.

In addition to the indoor environmental conditions monitor, the field kit includes devices for directly measuring energy usage. For commercial buildings, the kit has a wireless pulse counter that attaches to utility meters. The pulse counter wirelessly transmits gas or electricity meter values for remote monitoring. Using the wireless pulse counter, facilities managers can obtain accurate data for energy consumption around the clock, and combine this information with temperature, humidity, and CO2 readings to obtain a comprehensive idea of how efficient their building operations are. They can also use the data to identify areas where improvements can be made.

"The new field kit offers customers a way to monitor all of their energy efficiency and occupant comfort variables with one simple, cost-effective solution," notes Rainer Wischinski, Spinwave’s VP of Marketing." The kit makes it possible to conduct an energy audit nearly anywhere, with minimal investment in equipment or time. This will bring energy audits within reach of organizations who previously couldn’t think of conducting an audit."

For more information about the field kit, contact Spinwave at info@spinwavesystems


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