November 2008
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Obtain a Complete Overview of Building Automation Systems
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ISA has created a new training course designed to provide you with an expert's introduction to building automation systems.

"Great job! In my 40 years in the building automation industry, never in one place have I seen a course so complete with the connection to the major interacting systems. The understanding of these systems is crucial to be able to control them. You [ISA] have prepared this course at an excellent time, as we have many new folks coming into our building automation industry from ISA, networking, and business worlds."
-Ken Sinclair, Editor/Owner

Introduction to Building Automation Systems

This real-world-based course will give you a broad introductory understanding of the specific issues involved with Building Automation Systems (BAS). In this course, you will survey the world of BAS including: Future of BAS; Digital Direct Control (DDC) Basics; Field Devices; The Human Machine Interface (HMI); BAS Design and Specification; Energy Conservation Control Strategies; and System Maintenance.

Main Topics Covered:
Building Automation Overview
BAS Applications
CatNet Systems BAS System Solutions
BAS System Delivery
The Human Machine Interface (HMI) Applications

You Will Be Able To:
Identify and describe the major components in a BAS
Identify and describe the basic mechanical components and controls in an HVAC control system
Describe and explain the basic functions of DDC systems
Reference codes and standards applicable to BAS
Describe and explain HMI basics
Explain BAS in non-ATC systems (lighting, fire, security, etc.)
Explain the process of implementing BAS
Explain Energy Conservation Strategies
Justify control components for project work
Know where to look for additional references
Describe the major components in a Building Automation System

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