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Erfan's sixth anniversary special announcement for Smart Grid webinars and relaunch of site for webcast recordings and presentations

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I am pleased to inform you that as of this month I have completed 6 years since I have been moderating Smart Grid webinars and seminars for the electric sector as a free public service.
The journey began with an Advanced Metering Infrastructure / Home Area Network Interest Group in October 2008 when I was a Technical Executive in the Intelligrid Program at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) in Palo Alto CA.  I launched a monthly webinar series for this AMI/HAN Interest Group with an initial distribution of 15 people that I knew well in the industry. 
By December 2008 we had over 500 people in the distribution.  I invited the people from this distribution to a “Smart Grid Common Language Workshop” in San Ramon CA that was scheduled to coincide with a ZigBee Alliance conference at the Marriott in December 2008.  We had almost 140 people attend our workshop for 2 days on this timely topic of developing a common semantic layer across all the domains of the Smart Grid at a time when everything was highly segregated into siloes.
The AMI/HAN Interest Group distribution grew to over 1500 people by April 2009.  As the designated industry from EPRI to build consensus on Smart Grid standards in the industry, I invited people from the expanded AMI/HAN Interest Group webinar distribution to the first 2 workshops of the 1st Phase of the NIST Smart Grid Interoperability Roadmap Project in April and May of 2009 in the Washington DC Metro Area. 
We had 450 people attend the 1st NIST workshop in April 2009 with a 2-week advance notice!  The second workshop in May 2009 had 650 people.  The 1st Phase of the NIST Smart Grid Interoperability Roadmap Project got its launch from these 2 workshops and continued until September 2009 when the 1st report of Smart Grid standards was published by NIST with support from EPRI and industry volunteers.  EnerNex continued as the lead for the 2nd Phase of the Roadmap project well into 2012.  Anto Budiardjo of Clasma organized several of those Smart Grid conferences during the 2009-2012 period nationwide.
I continued the monthly webinars and seminars from EPRI throughout 2010 and 2011 under the new brand of “Smart Grid Information Sharing”.  Those webinars occur monthly from EPRI to this day.
In January 2012 when I resumed my independent consulting role in the electric sector under my company, The Bit Bazaar LLC in Mountain View CA, I started the Smart Grid Educational Series monthly webinars and seminars.  Over the past 34 months the distribution for this forum has grown to over 2700 people across 10+ countries!  I have moderated over 45 webinars and seminars during this period of time with a diverse selection of speakers and presentation formats.
Reliable Controls Penn State University has generously donated labor and technical resources to the Smart Grid Educational Series by documenting all the webcast recordings and presentation documents on their “Smart Energy Academy” website.  I am deeply indebted to Professor Dave Riley, Zoha Memari, Elizabeth Resenic, Ryan Foster and Matthew Fedorko of Penn State for their efforts to make this happen.  The fruits of their labor are available for all of you to view at:
You will find a complete listing of all the seminar and webinar recordings and PDF format presentation slides from the Smart Grid Educational Series since January 2012 until the most recent seminar/webinar held at UL in Fremont on October 8th 2014 for your viewing and learning pleasure.  This is a free information resource to enhance your knowledge base for Smart Grid, Clean Tech and Energy Efficiency in the electric sector.


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