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DGLogik, Inc. Introduces Project Assist for DGLux5 

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Oakland, CA --  October 7, 2014 -- "I just want to build a simple interface to monitor my building data. I don’t have time to spend days and hours trying to figure out how to connect my data to my graphics and stylize my interface. I’m just not a designer.” We hear you. That’s why we created Project Assist. 

Easily creating an intuitive application to monitor your building data CAN happen in the nick of time with DGLux’s new wizard - Project Assist. Our team has merely created this “plug and play” wizard that allows you to start designing and developing your data-driven application with some clicks and drags of a few buttons within this modern-design environment. There are four main menu components that provide a “hand-holding”, design and development experience. So, let’s dive in and talk a little bit about them.

Project Navigation 

Project Navigation is where you build your navigation tree and prepare relativization through device templates. It allows you to build, organize and define your entire project, query and pull in selected devices and data points. Creating your full project hierachy includes: Regions, Campuses, Buildings, Floor Plans and Custom Equipment.       

Manage Templates 

Manage Templates is where you define your tree components with graphical references, zones and equipment visualizations. It's essentially where you build all "user side" graphical assets for your project. Import your building model, floor plans, link your nodes, and create full customizable building equipment with our stock library entirely via a drag and drop environment.

Style Manager 

Reliable Controls The style manager gives users Project Property Editability and Style Element Flexibility that help you brand your application. We give you the modern necessities to customize applications and projects without having to completely think and create like a designer. Control and customize things like: Colors, Corner Styles (Round or sharp), Shadows & Reflections, Background Images & Watermarks.
Launch Viewer 

This feature simply serves as your landing page. It gives you the end result of your entire, modern creation. 

So, there you have it -- Project Assist and it’s four main components, in a nutshell. Now it’s time for you to experience Project Assist in DGLux5. Visualize the power and simplicity of enabling and linking your building data to a modern application in minimal time. 

Project Assist Dist File can be found in the Downloads Section through our website. Login through our site, and download the DGLux5 AX Dist + PA today!
For more information visit http://www.DGLogik.com


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