September 2007
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Innovations in Comfort, Efficiency, and Safety Solutions.

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4th Building Automation and Sustainability Conference & Expo

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September 25-27th, 2007
Where: Wyndham Phoenix- Phoenix, AZ
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Sustainable Design
Building automation is a prime element in achieving efficient, sustainable buildings. Discover new trends toward high efficiency and even "zero energy" buildings and how systems can be used to deliver these projects.

Lighting Control
It has the potential to dramatically reduce energy usage, but light control is rarely applied today. Recent changes in integration technology and energy codes, make lighting control both necessary and an extension of the building automation systems.

Reliable Controls Specialty Applications of BACnet -Spotlight on Retail & Healthcare
Health care facility executives will explain their approach to using BACnet and other standards in an effort to optimize their facility development and management. Gain insight on how major retailers today are looking to meet these requirements through a combination of BACnet, wireless and information technologies.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Attend:

Learn about Building Automation systems including how to use open systems and deliver on requirements for Green and Sustainable Buildings.

Gain insight on cutting edge solutions including BACnet (ASHRAE standard 125-2004), wireless, demand response, and lighting control.

Network face-to-face with top leading professionals in an intimate setting. .


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