September 2007
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Lantronix Introduces First USB-to-Ethernet Device Server to Support Synchronized Audio/Video Data Transfer

UBox 2100 enables virtually any USB 2.0 device to be networked and shared over the Internet

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IRVINE, Calif., Sept. 6, 2007 – Lantronix, Inc. (Nsadaq: LTRX) today announced the UBox® 2100, the first USB-to-Ethernet device server to support the USB isochronous data transfer standard, typically used for audio and video applications. With UBox 2100, users can put virtually any off-the-shelf USB 2.0 peripheral device on an Ethernet network. Removing the distance limitations normally associated with USB, users can access and share a variety of devices such as web cams, speakers, microphones, sensors, security access equipment, multi-function printers, hard drives, scanners – even Apple® iPods® – over the Internet.

Isochronous data transfer is typically used for time-dependent applications, such as multimedia streams with synchronized audio and video where the data must be delivered within specific time constraints. Along with its support for isochronous data transfer, UBox eliminates the need to directly connect devices to a PC, thus IP-enabling the USB devices. For example, users can access and share web cams with fully synchronized audio/video in real-time over a network or the Internet without needing to connect them directly to a computer.

“The launch of the dual-port UBox 2100, further demonstrates Lantronix leadership in device networking technology,” said Lantronix CEO Marc Nussbaum. “As the first USB-to-Ethernet device server to support isochronous data transfer, the UBox enables a wider range of USB products to be networked and brings multimedia into the realm of M2M communications.”

UBox includes software designed to identify, access, configure, upgrade and secure each UBox unit on the network as needed. Once the software is installed and the UBox is configured, it runs seamlessly in the background allowing USB equipment to be automatically connected to PCs in the same manner as if they were connected locally.

UBox 2100 includes an Auto-Connect feature that automatically connects and disconnects shared USB printers based on need. UBox enables a PC to connect to the printer when it needs to print, then automatically disconnects when the job is finished, freeing the printer for other users.

Flexible network configuration options make it easy to use the UBox in local area networks (LANs) or wide area networks (WANs). Rather than require administrators to install drivers on each computer when each UBox is added, its Active Discovery feature automatically loads the software on each computer so that networked USB devices are available for immediate use over a LAN. For WANs, administrators can set up passwords and use static IP addresses to connect UBoxes to the network.

UBox 2100 supports USB 2.0 high-speed, and is housed in a ruggedized metal enclosure. It will be available globally later this month through Lantronix channel and other sales partners for $154 US MSRP. The current four-port version, UBox 4100 (USB 2.0, full speed), has also been updated to support isochronous audio and is currently available through the Lantronix channel and other sales partners. Users can upgrade existing UBox 4100’s with a simple firmware upgrade. For more information, please visit

About Lantronix
Lantronix, Inc. (Nasdaq: LTRX) is a leading innovator in device networking technology. The company specializes in wired and wireless hardware and software solutions which allow virtually any electronic product to be networked-enabled in order to remotely access, monitor and control it over a network or the Internet. The Lantronix Device Network Architecture (DNA) includes Device Enablement solutions which provide a direct network connection to equipment and machines for remote monitoring and control, and Management and Control solutions which extend the ability to remotely manage IT equipment and literally thousands of networked devices, regardless of location, from a central point of access. Lantronix provides customizable technologies and solutions that are used by original equipment manufacturer (OEMs) design engineers to network-enable their products, IT administrators to manage data center and network infrastructure, and systems integrators to provide a complete, remote device management solutions for their customers. With nearly two decades of networking expertise and more than 30,000 customers worldwide, Lantronix solutions are used in every major vertical market including security, industrial and building automation, medical, transportation, retail/POS, financial, government, consumer electronics/appliances, IT/data center, and pro-AV/signage. The company’s headquarters are located in Irvine, Calif. For more information, visit


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