September 2007
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Linear’s New AP-5 Multipurpose Wireless Access Controller is Ideal for Mixed Gate and Door Entry Applications

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AP-5 includes programmable access relays with high-performance receiver for wireless access control installations

CARLSBAD, Calif. (September 17, 2007) – Linear LLC, an innovator in wireless access control market, today announced the availability of its latest wireless gate/door controller, the AP-5. The AP-5 has three separate relays: access, obstacle, and configurable to either access or obstacle. Unlike previous wireless controllers, the access relays in the AP-5 are programmable, giving installers maximum flexibility to configure them for use with vehicular gates, pedestrian gates, security gates, office doors, or any combination. The AP-5 is ideally suited for installations in gated communities, parking facilities, apartments, condominiums, office buildings and other multiple occupant locations.

The AP-5’s programmable relays make it suitable for environments where you need to control more than one entry, such as a vehicular and a pedestrian gate. The new model also features a programmable access relay activation time, from one to 120 seconds. For swing and slide gates, up to six Linear Model MGT safety edge transmitters that can be assigned for entrapment detection to trigger obstacle outputs.

The AP-5 also is good for use in environments where RF noise or wireless signal interference can be a problem. The controller features a built-in, high-sensitivity, narrowband 318-MHz super heterodyne receiver with an external antenna that can pick up signals from a Linear MegaCode® block-coded transmitter from up to 500 feet away. A whip antenna is supplied as standard, or Linear’s EXA-2000 directional antenna and EXA-1000 omni-directional antenna are available as options for improved performance.

“With the release of the AP-5, we have expanded the capabilities of our wireless controller, making it much more versatile for environments that require both secure gate and door access,” said Larry Foisie, Vice President of Sales for Linear LLC. “The ease of installation and the ability to program the relays means installers can stock one controller that meets their needs for multiple gates or secured door applications.”

contemporary Each AP-5 supports up to 480 Linear MegaCode® factory block-coded and custom block-coded transmitters. Each of the 480 remote transmitters can be programmed with just a few keystrokes, and since there are no dipswitches to set, it is easy to add and suspend transmitters. Including Linear’s MDKP exterior wireless keypads as part of the access control system means you can use any combination of up to 238 individual transmitters and/or MDKP keypad entry codes.

The AP-5 is compatible with the following Linear MegaCode® block-coded transmitter models: the visor-style models MDT-1B 1-channel, MDT-2B 3-channel, MDT-4B 5-channel, MT-1B 1-channel, and MT-2B 2-channel; and the key ring style modes ACT-31B 1-channel, ACT-34B, ACT-31C 1-channel custom, and ACT-34C 4-channel custom.

The AP-5 can be powered from 12-24 Volts AC or DC. The Form C relay outputs can switch up to 1 amp each. An earth-ground terminal is provided as a recommended connection for maximum lightning and static protection. The AP-5 is very compact, measuring just 4.45” W x 5.75” H x 1.5” D (113 x 146 x 38 mm) without antenna.

About Linear LLC
Linear LLC, a subsidiary of Nortek Inc. (, is a pioneer in engineered radio frequency (RF) products and is a major supplier of wireless residential security systems, access control, intercoms, garage door operators, gate operators, short and long-range radio remote controls, and medical/emergency reporting systems. In recent years the company, through acquisition, has expanded into a wide range of consumer electronics, including whole house audio/video distribution systems, central vacuum systems, music/communications systems, speaker systems and structured wiring systems. For more information contact Linear LLC, 1950 Camino Vida Roble, Suite 150, Carlsbad, CA 92008, (760) 438-7000 or


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