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Halmstad, Sweden, September 10 -- IntelliCom announces - a free web based central server for remote field units.

IntelliCom is launching a central server solution ( with the purpose to do management, monitoring and control of remote equipment at one central server location, in a simple and user friendly way. The service is free!

The NetBiter® webSCADA devices interface field equipment and connect to the central server to submit critical equipment data, such as logged parameter data and alarms. At the server an authorized user can view and manage this information. The only tool the user needs is a standard web browser. The use of one central location for all remote equipment simplifies the work for anyone dealing with remote installations.

The service provides the following functions:
- Administrate and maintain users, projects, remote field units and data.
- Long-term storage of log file data
- Trend graphs of historical data
- Management of current alarm status and alarm history (alarm notifications updates automatically on the server).
- Positioning. View the physical location of remote equipment on a map.
- Etc

Control Solutions, Inc This service from IntelliCom is free!

The NetBiter® webSCADA is an industrial serial to Ethernet hardware gateway. It gives remote access to equipment over Ethernet, Internet, LANs, Telephone modems, GSM and GPRS. The gateway contains built-in features for event / alarm management (SMS, E-mail, SNMP, Modbus TCP), data logging with trend graphs and web-based data access.

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About IntelliCom Innovation AB
IntelliCom Innovation AB ( is a leading company in Scandinavia who develops products and solutions for embedded web/Ethernet applications, M2M, Remote Device Management. With customer in more than 50 countries, IntelliCom has an extensive track record with customers like Hitachi (Japan), Rockwell (USA) and Schneider (France), Compass Group (USA), Danfoss (Denmark), ABB (Finland), Ericsson (Sweden), Nortec group (Canada). NetBiter® is a registered trademark of IntelliCom Innovation AB


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