September 2007
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The University of Southern Maine Uses Infometrics to Commission New Building, Ensure Ongoing Efficiency

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September 25, 2007 - The University of Southern Maine is the latest campus to reduce energy consumption with the help of the Infometrics ongoing commissioning service. The university chose Infometrics to commission its newly built residence hall, ensuring that all systems were operating as they were intended to. Infometrics continues to deliver the benefits of ongoing commissioning: reduced energy consumption and CO2 emissions, streamlined maintenance, and in their case, making sure all problems are caught while still under warranty. Ongoing commissioning is the process of monitoring and optimizing building systems 24/7/365 to ensure that they are working at peak efficiency. Without installing costly new equipment, USM expects to reduce inefficiencies in existing HVAC equipment, a strategy which will cut energy consumption and CO2 emissions on campus. Infometrics will enable the "greening" of the new residence hall and allow the university to streamline maintenance, detect hidden faults and inefficiencies and manage systems proactively to avoid catastrophic failures. Energy cost savings are expected to provide a quick payback, allowing the university to devote more resources to academic initiatives.

Cutting-Edge Technology For Remote Ongoing Commissioning
Infometrics is the leading service for remote monitoring and ongoing commissioning of building systems. An Infometrics program provides powerful algorithm-based analysis of continuously collected building automation data. Valuable unbiased periodic reports enable clients to optimize efficiency and comfort, lower maintenance costs, and effectively manage facility staff and contractors while reducing energy consumption.

Infometrics Reduces Energy Use, Maintenance Costs and CO2 Emissions
Infometrics recommendations optimize mechanical and operational efficiency, catching potential problems before they become noticeable and keeping systems running smoothly and efficiently. The information provided enables proactive rather than reactive system maintenance, minimizing costly downtime and extending equipment life. Using secure Internet transmission, Infometrics can upload and analyze the performance of multiple vendors' equipment, anywhere in the world. Infometrics reports can quantify CO2 emissions reductions and calculate the annual energy cost of each problem.

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