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Trend’s TL1: A Powerful Integration Tool 

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Redmond, WA (September 13, 2011)—Trend Control Systems USA ( today debuted the TL1. The TL1 is a Trend network device that utilizes Niagara AX® software to allow a Novar Logic One® system to interface, communicate and integrate with a Trend system. The TL1 replaces the Logic One executives located within a building. This functionality allows for communication and data to flow between Logic One devices and a Trend system, providing a supervisor to control the Logic One controllers.

Novar Logic One executive controllers are discontinued in the commercial market. As a result, building owners with existing Logic One systems were left with a situation wherein they were unable to update and maintain their existing building management systems (BMS), and were forced to invest in an entirely new BMS. The introduction of the TL1 changes this. The TL1 can replace existing Logic One executives throughout a building thereby extending the life of the Logic One system, and allowing a smooth migration path to a new and updated Trend system.

“The TL1 gives a cost-effective upgrade option for current Novar Logic One customers,” said Todd Cowles, Trend Director of Sales- Americas. “The TL1 makes use of existing Logic One controllers while bringing data and control to a more capable and modern Trend front-end.”

“With the TL1, building owners have additional options, and no longer need to perform a complete system replacement,” said Gene Javri, Trend Product Manager. “Building owners can now modernize their system over time by expanding with Trend.”

PlantPROCOREAll Trend products are available through authorized Trend Technology Centers (TTCs). For product order and technical information, contact your local TTC or call Trend at 425.897.3900 or visit

About Trend Control Systems

For more than 30 years, Trend Control Systems has offered reliable, easy-to-use products that support the life of any building and reduce life-cycle costs. With a worldwide distribution and support network in more than 50 countries, Trend Control Systems solutions easily integrate into other building systems, including lighting, fire and security/access. Trend Control Systems products include a complete line of fully programmable controllers containing both onboard web technologies and the standard BACnet protocol.

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