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CoRE Tech 2014 - November 10-11

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CoRE Tech is the leading networking and educational conference for the corporate real estate and faicilities industry that focuses exclusively on the topics of innovation, technology and automation.
While the discussion regarding technological innovation has been occurring in the market for over 10 years, it has achieved significant momentum in the last 12-18 months. 

Corporate real estate transformation begins with a business process requiring improvement, which is the BUSINESS DRIVER (motivation). We then move onto INNOVATION (the idea) where we aggregate the TECHNOLOGY (the tools) and finally the AUTOMATION of the process (the result).    
The automation that results impacts three major areas of corporate real estate and facilities, 1) how we use space, 2) the information systems used to manage real estate and facility processes and 3) the smart, connected, high-performance building and campus.

Corporations around the world have begun to fully embrace the benefits of how innovation, technology and automation can most significantly transform how we use and operate buildings. The three most significant business benefits are:

        1) Significant reduction in energy usage
        2) Significant reduction in operating costs
        3) Creation of a right-sized, engaging, safe and productive work environment

CoRE Tech 2014 will be hosted by Sprint, giving attendees the unique opportunity to tour one of the most progressive corporate campuses in the world. If you are interested in exploring how technology and automation can help you RETHINK, INNOVATE and TRANSFORM your organization’s corporate real estate, facilities, energy or sustainability objectives, join us for this important industry event!       


Process & Governance For New Tech Inspired Ideas
The Corporate Real Estate Department at Sprint has developed an Innovation Program that advocates for genuine change to the way corporate real estate and facilities are managed and implemented. The programs goal is to make sure no new ideas are ignored, there is a process for discovery all the way through implementation and that all departments outside of real estate are included. Their team will speak candidly about how they started, problems along the way and ultimately the success they are experiencing in the evaluation and implementation of technical, innovative new ideas and processes.

This interactive Showcase session will spotlight the Sprint Real Estate Innovation Program, a series of initiatives centered on using mobile and emerging technologies to transform real estate and facility operations. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to meet face-to-face with project leaders who will share both their challenges and successes on the following initiatives:

Wireless Intelligent Building
• Lighting Controls
• Building Alarm Monitoring
• Water Leak Detection
• Waste Management Gauge
• Sprint Energy and Building Analytics (SEBA)

Wireless Sustainability & Safety
• Solar Charging Table
• Bike Fleet Management
• Fire Extinguisher Mapping
• Ladder Management

Mobile FM Toolbox
• Automated Site Inspection
• Equipment Log Application
• Incident Notification and Tracking (INFORM)

Enterprise Tools
• Mobile Asset Tracking
• Interactive Kiosks
• Telematics/Fleet Management
• Workspace Service Request

Super sessions will focus on how several core technologies are impacting corporate real estate operations. We will examine innovative automation and technology strategies that will help better position corporate real estate organizations in the future.

• THE INTERNET OF THINGS (IoT) – Connecting Buildings and Processes to the Network
• NEXTGEN WORKPLACE – Technology’s Constant Impact on How We Use Space
• INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS – Automating Corporate Real Estate & Facilities
• SMART BUILDINGS AND CAMPUSES – Transforming Operations and Energy Management

Reliable Controls These fast-paced, 15-minute segments will present cutting edge topics on emerging technologies, ideas and concepts that may potentially impact Corporate Real Estate and Facilities in the near future.

• 3-D PRINTING – Understanding the Potential Impact to Corporate Real Estate
• WEARABLE TECHNOLOGIES –The Future Workforce Gets Fashionably Connected
• IMMERSIVE VISUALIZATION – Uncovering the Possibilities from Leasing to Operations
• DRONES – Exploring Their Place in Real Estate Operations
• ROBOTS – What Role Could They Play in Managing Real Estate?
• ADVANCED SOLAR APPLICATIONS – Making Their Way Into Corporate Facilities
• SMALL CELLS - Next Generation Wireless for the Corporate Campus
• MOBILE PHONE TRACKING – A New Tool In Space Utilization Planning?
• BUILDING HACKS – Understanding The Vulnerabilities of Connected Buildings      

Those individuals in a corporation or business who are in someway involved in the design, development or operations of real estate and facilities.
The following represent the very specific job functions that would find value in this event.  
• Corporate Real Estate
• Facilities/Engineering
• Finance
• Energy
• Sustainability
• Human Resources
• Information Technology      
CoRE Tech 2014 is the number one event in the world that deals with technology, automation and innovation as an integrated toolset to facilitate corporate real estate, facilities, energy and sustainability objectives. 
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