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Web Services Information Model - Industry Call to Action

Moderator, Ken Sinclair.

As the Moderator for the  assembly of the Web Services Information Model I have prepared an Industry Call to Action.  Your input is important. Please share your views as to the best method of creating an Information Model. Email me at

First Activities


Review of online resources, creation and connection to new resources, information exchange at all levels utilizing all mediums. A search by all for examples of models we could adapt and modify for our industry. 

Large Building Owners, Designers and other Stakeholders to share their visions of probable applications of Web Services. We believe that our web services effort needs to be customer-driven and not vendor-driven.  The vendors will surely need to participate in the process, but the driving force should be customers (or customers representatives) who need this capability, and are willing to invest the time it will take to steer the vendors toward the right destination, quell any competitive infighting, and inject the energy that will be needed to see this effort through to its conclusion.

Second Activities

Conception of general form of model, potential tools, and approaches.  Links to general evolution models on various stakeholders sites, and passed on information posted on this site will attempt to present variable options. Focus will be to review all and note what is a better model and what is just different.

Third Activities

Vendors will provide mock up of conceptual models providing notes and observations about what works and what does not. Linkage to working concepts will be reviewed by all with comments. Interested parties will provide input and sign off.  A conceptual documentation of model or likely models will be assembled.

Fourth Activities

Presentation of several vendors' interaction with the proposed Web Services Information Model will be demonstrated online with various vendors' systems sharing both web services information and real time data from each others' systems.

It now appears clear that the AHR Expo 2003 in Chicago will be too soon to provide a good demonstration and discussion. The general movement of the IT industry into turning the excited web services concept into a reality has taken much longer than originally estimated and discussions still go on.  We will revisit this demo at next year's AHR Expo. The nature of web services interface will make it not necessary for all demonstrating vendors to be present. 

Neither conclusion or complete industry acceptance is required, a model will have been created and demonstrated by a few for anyone in the industry wishing to create a common approach to the complex thing called web services.

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