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Web Services Information Model - Industry Guidelines

Moderator Ken Sinclair.

As the Moderator for the assembly of the  Web Services Information Model I have prepared a first cut at Industry Guidelines. Your input is important. Please share your views as to the best method of creating Information Model Guidelines. 
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  1. Our industry's Web Services Information Model ( WSIF ) will be free of ownership following the evolving web services tools as developed by the Information Technology Industry (IT).

  2. Where possible the large building automation industry will strive for a common presentation model of web services to at least allow easy exchange of our industry generated web services.

  3. The industry will work towards creation of a workable model using interactive education of issues while creating conceptual models and finally generation of demonstration of working models.

  4. Input via emails and related links will be posted on this site to allow growth of model to occur in plain view of the industry.

  5. All concerns or objectives will be published on site with email address of sender.

  6. All contributions and resource links will have free ownership to any interested participants to help with the assembly of the model.

  7. Interactive information will be presented in simple posted html to simplify presentation to industry.

  8. If special interest news groups are started elsewhere we will provide linkage if requested.

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