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Toby Considine Contributing Editor

About Toby Considine
Scheduling, building systems, electric vehicles, and the smart grid–coordinating time, space, and energy–are the basis for the third industrial revolution. Toby Considine works with numerous groups to define and explore how the internet of things will meet the internet of people and e-commerce.

Through his company TC9, Inc., Toby Considine advises building owners and engineering companies on business strategies for enterprise-responsive buildings. He participates in several industry-led international groups defining the interactions between the enterprise, capital assets, building systems, and the power grid. His work is based upon decades of experience in IT infrastructure as well as in maintenance management and building operations. In 2009, Mr. Considine was a sub-contractor on national projects to define the NIST Smart Grid roadmap and to oversee its development.

TC9 also works with early-stage ventures in smart energy and smart systems, particularly those that will operate at the borders of e-commerce, energy, the internet of people, and the internet of things.

Mr. Considine is also a leader in several national standards efforts in buildings and energy, including oBIX, EMIX, and Energy Interoperation. You can find out more about working with TC9 at  You can read Toby’s blog at




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