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Sudha Jamthe Contributing Editor

Technology Futurist and CEO of IoTDisruptions 

who mentors business leaders to learn AI And DataScience using No-Code AI,
AI Ethics and  Capstone AI labs to solve industry AI problems at Stanford Continuing Studies and online at BusinessSchoolofAI

I’ve joined ‘Automated Buildings’ magazine as a contributing editor simply to be part of Ken Sinclair’s fun editorial team that gets me thinking out of the box about how Automated buildings are on a collision path with autonomous vehicles. Vehicles move us between static buildings. What happens when buildings and cars have AI and they can go in-context with us blurring the concept of office space, entertainment space, and living space as the car drives autonomously?  Read Ken’s article in Contractor Magazine about getting out of your head. It includes my definition of open which as Ken quotes well, “Out of our physical heads and into our artificially intelligent virtual heads.” where I make the connection between IoT and AI as two definitions of AI.


Professional Information

Passion, People, Optimism – That is me. My aspiration – A limitless world.

I am a Technology Futurist with business operations experience shaping early technology ecosystems by educating and mentoring business professionals to build the connected, autonomous, driverlessworld in their companies or by pivoting their careers.

My focus is on value from data, and business models from IoT, Machine Learning, AI, and Autonomous Vehicles and teach business professionals at Stanford Continuing Studies and I am the author of 3 IoT books one book about self-driving cars, keynote speaker, board/advisor for digital mobility.

I do select advisory sessions for Industry execs and board of directors with a futuristic lens on AV, AI.

I am looking to build Federated AI solutions or solve problems using data driven business models via global capstone projects at DriverlessWorldSchool. Ping me if you want to participate as a student or as a company. My students are experienced professionals from AV and digital mobility ecosystem looking to shape the driverlessworld of 2030.