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The Journey to Near Realtime HTML Presentation

Our first month of moving away from a monthly publication has been a real headshake for the industry and me. Working with everyone with a real-time HTML editor is very different, very liberating, very dynamic, and dovetails with all our online anywhere anytime presence.

We are extremely pleased with our Free Education Sessions for Atlanta and how it was created by several folks working on this actual document. It is now a living document with speakers being updated daily by hosts of each event.

The last few months have been filled with us all connecting and confirming speakers for our Free Education Session. Below are links to AHRExpo HTML, located in their cloud built from shared information from our and others’ clouds. All built from industry HTML underpinnings Search all their Education Programs

What have we learned in our first month of being online and speaking HTML?

The power of writing directly in HTML and linking to all by our sponsors and contributing editors is amazing.

Working in HTML is not new I have been an HTML zealot since ever from my article from 1998

HTML as a Documentation Medium for Building O & M Toronto ASHRAE Annual Meeting 6/21/1998

I have been using HTML as my communication medium for almost 25 years and have seen consistent improvements in the ease of use of WYSIWYG HTML editors. So I am excited about creating the context of our industry in machine-readable HTML posts on our website and social media. We encourage everyone to do the same we need to feed AI with valuable content.

HTML is the “now” paper that we now need to express ourselves with.

Our newest tool is our embedded HTML editor not paper-focused programs like Word.

The email was the first step and its HTML underpinning is still the carrier of most industry information with attached files carrying pieces of HTML presentations to be assembled by a handler into a posted HTML page. We need to evolve to be our own Handler or create an extremely close relationship with our HTML handler to move closer to real-time presentation.

When we present and speak anywhere, an HTML trail readable by all in posted online words needs to lead to the recorded video and the virtual context in which it was presented. This HTML trail is not just read by people it is read by online bots representing the information in many forms.

Working in an HTML editor is a new freedom that allows graphical presentations and linked connections in real-time to the evolving metaverse in a language it understands “HTML”

HTML and its Meta Tags are machine-readable and are the core of social media presence.

HTML presentation is much of the Augmentation in Augmented Reality and how Artificial Intelligence will learn.

HTML is “the raw data of our speak” machine manageable by the Metaverse…. whatever that is.

I received pushback with this post as I bend the definition of Metaverse

“a virtual-reality space in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users”

But in loose terms this article you are reading fits that definition

Likely would have been better titled “Creating your HTML Persona”

Once our messages are in HTML AI Robots can represent and repurpose Example here;
 Finity SA, a Swiss company. Uses AI to create insights

Enhance your thought leadership by analyzing
millions of online data points about your industry.