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Welcome our newest Silver Sponsor VYKON Tridium’s enterprise and integration brand of Building Automation

We are very pleased that our newest silver sponsor is VYKON

Thank them for their support, helping us create free public access to extremely current industry information for Smarter Connected Sustainable Buildings

VYKON is Tridium’s enterprise and integration brand of Building Automation, Energy, and Security products based on Niagara Framework® technology delivered by premiere Systems Distributors serving VYKON System Integrators. These products and channel partners are supported directly by a specialized Tridium sales and support team.  

VYKON is guided by three core principles: Open Connectivity. Open Ingenuity. Open Choice. VYKON unleashes the full potential of Tridium’s Niagara Framework® – the world’s leading open integration platform. The power of VYKON’s end-to-end solutions is that they normalize and securely transport critical systems data across the enterprise. From commercial buildings to smart cities, VYKON is changing the way machines communicate with each other – and with you.