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2022 Reflections

2022 Reflections

Marc Petock

‘Reflecting on this past year sheds light on several pivotal moments and forges the path toward a resilient and bright future for the built environment”.

The past year has been anything but ordinary. The unnerving combination of inflation, the supply chain, acceptance of a new hybrid work environment, the
re-shaping of how buildings must be operated and managed, and the resurgence of sustainability with ESG being top of mind most likely hasn’t been what anyone expected. But 2022 for the built environment has proven to be a year of resilience and change—-driven by new demands from the business side of operating and managing buildings.

The landscape isn’t changing — it’s already changed.

Building operators who will thrive in this new cycle of building management won’t always be the ones clamoring over the shiniest new technologies, but rather doing something in new ways that generate new value and deliver new business outcomes. Using something that’s been around for a while can sometimes be more innovative than using the latest shiny new object. While new captures our attention, innovation can also be accomplished by doing something in different ways that generate new value and produces new outcomes.

As I have written previously, for the built environment in 2023, the challenge is not the need–it is here; it is not the technology or solutions—they are here, and proven—but rather, it is the willingness and preparation to take advantage of them. It is the understanding of the insights and outcomes that RESHAPE buildings to make them smarter.