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“2023” Reinvention Continues Keeping Synthetic Data, AI, & Autonomous Systems Real

Happy New Year wishing you the best for 2023

We are extremely pleased with our 2022 reinvention of and the support our sponsors and contributing editors provide in their views, products, and opinions in their own words almost in real time.

It is clear that our reinvention is not done but just starting

The past few years have forced more change than we have seen in the last 20 years.

What do we want to do with all that change and how will we validate and build trust by attaching our people and products with their opinions to an evolving wave of Synthetic Data, Autonomous systems, and Artificial Intelligence? Even the presentation and formatting of our messages have now become synthetic.

Synthetic data is generated by applying a sampling technique to real-world data or by creating simulation scenarios where models and processes interact to create completely new data not directly taken from the real world.

Augmented cognition research generally focuses on tasks and environments where human–computer interaction and interface already exist.

In our redesign & reinvention, it became apparent that we not only need the support of a few, edited by one but to provide an industry-edited dynamic library/landing/launch pad where we all can write on the walls for the world to see and the industry to exchange ideas.

Our sponsors, Contributing Editors, and approved Contributors share their messages helping build this Industry Resource/Library with their valuable content instantly in their own words and multi-media depictions. All are written on our wall and shared on their own social media post.

Thank you, industry for your trust in our vision and for sharing your powerful trust in interacting with all and demonstrating how trust can propel us all as an industry.

We need to be able to trust synthetic data so we all need to shape and valid before Self-learning and Artificial Intelligent layers are implemented

We all will die, but AI will be reborn over and over and live virtually forever.

Like or hate the word Metaverse it will be part of our future and your methods of communication in 2023 and beyond. How will the players in our industry best use it to build trust, create clarity, and validate synthetic data

Smarter Summit 23 will be held on Sunday, Feb/5 on the eve of the AHR Expo.

Our industry history needs to be learned and made part of the synthetic data movement.

My friend forever George Thomas Shares this 2022-year-in-review/

Reinvention takes time although we did not stop our monthly production till September 2022 and put our reinvented website online we have this article from April as we were developing

From our past contributing editor the “Grid God” Jack Mc Gowan