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IoTDay Woman with a 24-hour live stream with 24 women

We are organizing IoTDay Woman again with a 24-hour live stream with 24 women across all possible time zones from April 8th at 5 pm to April 9th at 5 pm PST.

The website is

IoTDay and is an open invitation to the Internet of Things Community to set up an event, a lunch, a talk with the neighborhood on what #IoT is and what it means in everyday life for all of us. IoTDay started in 2010 organised by the IoT Council.
IoTDay is an opportunity for the #IOT Community to show that it cares for people, for the environment, for animals … and for machines as well.

Learn about AI Research in 24 hours from 24 global womxn @ IoT Day April 9th 2022

Learn from 24 inspiring womxn leaders in AI , IoT and AI Research
Learn about AI Research  and how to publish research
Learn from Research Fellows and Research reads on AI Research papers.

We will live stream recorded talks from women at 9 am in their countries, starting from 9 am in Singapore, go on through Australia, the Philippines etc. and then go through South Africa, Nigeria, and Ghana and then move to 9 am in the UK, Portugal 9 am into the night reaching the US each coast 9 am from several cities till 9 am in Arizona.

Then we’ll open a Zoom conference from 10 am to 5 pm PT with live sessions and panels all through the day with a fantastic set of womxn covering panels about Generative AI, IoT Trends, Data and Career Pivots, and a special panel about Soft Spoken But Strong Personality panels. 

We have special sessions about AI Product Management, ChatGPT and Prompt Engineering this year.

People can join the event to watch live or on-demand at any time at