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New book – Internet of Things for Smart Buildings

Internet of Things for Smart Buildings: Leverage IoT for smarter insights for buildings in the new and built environments

by Harry G. Smeenk (Author), Marc Petock (Foreward)

(Foreword) is written by our own contributing editor Marc Petock

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Harness the full potential of IoT in your building to improve living standards, energy efficiency, and more

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Key Features

  • Discover how IoT solutions transform mechanical and electrical control systems into smart systems
  • Unlock new revenue potential, operational efficiencies, and improved occupant’s quality of life
  • Explore industry thought leadership through author-led real-world applications and use cases

Book Description

Imagine working in a building with smart features and tenant applications that allow you to monitor, manage, and control every aspect of your user experience. Internet of Things for Smart Buildings is a comprehensive guide that will help you achieve that with smart building architecture, ecosystems, technologies, and key components that create a smart building.

In this book, you’ll start by examining all the building systems and applications that can be automated with IoT devices. You’ll learn about different apps to improve efficiency, reduce consumption, and improve occupant satisfaction. You’ll explore IoT sensors, devices, computing platforms, analytics software, user interfaces, and connectivity options, along with common challenges you might encounter while developing the architecture.

You’ll also discover how to piece different components together to develop smart buildings with the help of use cases and examples and get to grips with the various IoT stacks. After finding out where to start developing the requirements for your project, you’ll uncover a recommended methodology to understand your current building systems and a process for determining what needs to be modified, along with new technology requirements.

By the end of the book, you’ll be able to design and build your own smart building initiative, turning your city into a smart city with one building at a time.

What you will learn

  • Discover what’s a smart building and how IoT enables smart solutions
  • Uncover how IoT can make mechanical and electrical systems smart
  • Understand how IoT improves workflow tasks, operations, and maintenance
  • Explore the components and technology that make a smart building
  • Recognize how to put together components to deploy smart applications
  • Build your smart building stack to design and develop smart solutions

Who this book is for

This book is for architects, mechanical, electrical, and HVAC engineers, system integrators, facility, and operations personnel, and others looking to implement IoT solutions to make their buildings smart. Basic understanding of various mechanical and electrical building systems including HVAC, security, fire alarms, communications, and data networks as well as the operations and maintenance requirements is a prerequisite.

Table of Contents

  1. An Introduction to IoT and Smart Buildings
  2. Smart Building Operations and Controls
  3. First Responders and Building Safety
  4. How to Make Buildings Smarter with Smart Location
  5. Tenant Services and Smart Building Amenities
  6. The Smart Building Ecosystem
  7. Smart Building Architecture and Use Cases
  8. Digital Twins – a Virtual Representation
  9. Smart Building IoT Stacks and Requirements
  10. Understanding Your Building’s Existing Smart Level and Systems
  11. Technology and Applications
  12. A Roadmap to Your Smart Building Will Require Partners
  13. The Importance of Smart Buildings for Sustainability and the Environment
  14. Smart Buildings Lead to Smart Cities
  15. Smart Buildings on the Bleeding Edge