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LinkedIn Posts of Contributing Editor Keith Gipson

Capture by Ken Sinclair, aka Mr. Linkair began his crusade in 1999.

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Here is an example of some of Keith Gipson’s posts

We’re building an advanced “chat bot” that will replace a human Building Automation System (master) technician

If you asked me: “How will #AI #disrupt the #smartbuildings industry?” AI will eliminate low to mid level human technicians and analysts!

If you asked me: “What is the effect of #OpenAI plugins on the #smartbuildings segment?” deepfaketechnologies With this latest announcement in the hyper compressed #AI #technology market advancement, with #OpenAI leading this #revolution; the #deepfaketechnologies will now present themselves.

The arrival of AI applied to buildings is bigger than the last paradigm shift that occurred in our industry just over twenty years ago: “The Internet!” from this discussion.

James Dice talks about the 3 categories of facility operations people, and I think he’s dead on accurate!

If you asked me: “What were you thinking when you started back in April of 2020?”

Keith’s Links to a post on Microsoft’s AI positioning

The onset of #AI applied to #buildings is bigger than the last huge #paradigmshift that shook our industry twenty-five years ago: “The Internet!” AKA “the web,” I was there at the crossroads of the #web and #buildings. I watched it unfold. Some might even agree that I helped it unfold.