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Mr. Linkair Lives, AKA Ken Sinclair still reinventing our industry-edited dynamic library/landing/launch pad.

In the reinvention of our future, examing our past is always a good place to start this article got me thinking a new, reinvented Mr. Linkair needs to troll and post from social media by providing contextual links, not time-sensitive links, to today’s discussion.

Mr. Linkair Oct. 22, 2020 We need to explore the greater diversity of all subject matter related to our focus Ken Sinclair

These words still ring true. As social media continues to narrow our focus by presenting more subject matter about our known knowns—those things we already know—we need to explore the greater diversity of all subject matter related to our focus and learn more about known unknowns—things we know we don’t know—and unknown unknowns—things we don’t know and don’t even know we don’t know.

We chat about it in this episode of ControlTalk NOW. From the introduction:

Ken Sinclair, aka Mr. Linkair began his crusade in 1999. Ken’s natural instincts and his selfless desire to collect, link, and share relevant BAS and HVAC information has led to the growth of Automated Building’s unparalleled  on-line readership. Now, during the most disruptive period of the BAS and HVAC evolution, we are grateful that Ken and Automated Buildings continue to hold the torches of transformative change high enough for us to see our way forward.

Our contributing Editors and sponsors post unique content daily with passional posts soon to be lost in time and lost from our content-centric website About tab

Exchanging and presenting our ideas in their correct context of how they make the world better, the sponsors’ own words and images will connect to articles, interviews, videos, and any media they wish, without hostile controlling annoying ads in a known informational format. The fact that each sponsored post is controlled by the sponsors, all information is posted in near real-time. The work of many, not just a few. A timeline is automatically shown for each post. Curation by contributors and editors is continuous. New Products, Events, and Industry News are posted by each sponsor when they are relevant.

Our industry is driven by the trust of who is writing. The new AB2.0 site is your place to build this trust. Our Contributing Editors and Guest Editors will also build their posts on the site in near real-time

We are the library of industry context. The noise in the hall occurs hourly and dynamically on social media. Significant posts validated by the number of interactions need to add to the editor’s profile

Our contributing editor posts need to be included and summarized by context.

Here is an example of some of Keith Gipson posts

The arrival of AI applied to buildings is bigger than the last paradigm shift that occurred in our industry just over twenty years ago: “The Internet!” from this discussion.

James Dice talks about the 3 categories of facility operations people and I think he’s dead on accurate!

If you asked me: “What were you thinking when you started back in April of 2020?”

Keith’s Links to a post on Microsoft’s AI positioning

The onset of #AI applied to #buildings is bigger than the last huge #paradigmshift that shook our industry twenty-five years ago: “The Internet!” AKA “the web” I was there at the crossroads of the #web and #buildings. Watched it unfold. Some might even agree that I helped it unfold.

I am just reinventing as we go. Let me know what you think.

Should this be part of Keith’s Editorial presence?

Please share your thoughts

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