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Business-to-business consulting services for Building Automation companies (BAS)

Like most other consultancies, I initially consulted on projects (business-to-projects), supporting building owners, facility managers, and mechanical consultants. This worked well, but I was only solving one problem at a time, one building at a time, and was having zero impact across the wider industry.

To provide a scalable solution, I needed to stop doing what every other consultant does, I needed to step over the fence from client side to contractor side and develop solutions to support Building Automation companies. I am now providing consulting services directly to BAS companies (business-to-business), worldwide. This allows my expertise to expand past my own projects and help BAS companies expand their services, reach, and revenue streams.

80% of buildings in 2050 have already been built! Building Automation companies must optimise their service departments. This is where the real money is. A recurring pipeline of project work and higher margins, and no mechanical consultant or mechanical contractor to get in the way.

“There are many reasons why building owners and facility managers do not approve important BAS fee proposals. The first two can be solved in just a few months, the third requires a longer-term strategy. Let me show you how to increase business revenue as we solve each issue and make it easy for your clients to pay you more money”

— Bryce Anderson, Lifecycle Controls

Interested in working with Bryce or to find more information? Go to the Lifecycle Controls BAS consulting website for more information.