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Welcome our new sponsor, Lifecycle Controls (Bryce Anderson)

Lifecycle Controls is an independent BAS/BMS consultancy providing business-to-business consulting services, technical training and coaching to building automation companies.

B2B Consulting services:

  • BMS/BAS Maintenance Modernisation
  • BMS/BAS control strategy optimisation
  • BMS/BAS design reviews and advice
  • BMS/BAS end-of-life upgrades and future-proofing
  • Energy Management Systems and Analytics

Training and coaching:



Building Automation companies worldwide now have the option to engage a specialist consultant to provide advice on how to improve their designs, processes, and how they communicate their value to building owners.

Building owner’s expectations have significantly increased over the past 20 years, simply installing and maintaining a BAS is no longer enough. BAS companies need to start acting like consultants and less like contractors.

Contact Bryce via the training or consulting website contact forms to find out how to package up the products and solutions building owners pay him to specify, tender and deliver.