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AHREXP 2024 | The Future of Energy Management: ESG, Decarbonization, and Electrification

Session Information: Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2024 | 10:00 AM – 10:45 AM | Room: S401BC

Session Overview

The building sector is seeing an unprecedented influx of activity focused on reducing carbon emissions. Incentives, building performance standards, legislation and the downwards pressure on OPEX budgets are all creating an environment where carbon reduction is being linked back to improved business outcomes. Even if the only color green you care about is greenbacks, you’re sure to leave this session with actionable takeaways regarding the role that the BAS industry plays in business for decarbonization, where the sector is headed, and what we can learn from those leading the way. 

Brad White, President, SES Consulting

Brad is a contributing editor for and the president of SES Consulting. SES offers a broad range of expertise through our diverse experience in construction implementation, cost analysis, HVAC systems, building automation, smart building systems, data analytics, and sustainability services.

Stephanie Poole, Decarbonization Engineer, SES Consulting

Stephanie is a Senior Decarbonization Engineer with SES Consulting. She has a wide range of project experience including energy efficiency and decarbonization studies, implementations, commissioning, project management and strategic planning support. She also teaches decarbonization courses through the Canadian Institute for Energy Efficiency (CIET) and Nexus Labs.

Lauren Scott, V.P. Marketing & Sustainability, Acuity Brands

Lauren Scott is the Vice President of Marketing & Sustainability at Acuity Brands’ Intelligent Spaces Group. Scott specializes in translating climate initiatives into meaningful action to deliver on commitments to the building and renewables sectors. Her marketing and communications background is leveraged to promote social and environmental responsibility as an approachable, yet critical part of business operations.

Most Recently Scott began “The Resilience Reporta podcast dedicated to highlighting the inspiring work of the leaders paving the way in sustainable business.

Leon Wurfel, Founder, Bueno

Leon founded Bueno in 2013 with a goal to use technology to scale the impact of his engineering expertise in building energy performance. Bueno’s building analytics platform is now deployed in >2,000 buildings across 9 countries and in their home country of Australia has more than 1% of the whole country’s energy usage being managed by their software.

Prior to starting Bueno Leon worked as an energy efficiency consultant in the commercial property sector in Australia and was involved in the development of the world’s first legislated Building Performance Standard (NABERS). In his consulting history Leon ran energy performance engineering for the REIT (Colonial First State) which was recognised as the most sustainable property portfolio in the world by the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) for each of its first three years since inception.